Every Covid-19 Commercial is exactly the same

Dear Advertising Industry and clients:

It is not blatantly obvious that you haven't increased the creativity during this time of quarantine. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

This is a neatly 4 minute compilation of Covid-19 ads that blend together so perfectly it's pointless to even have a logo on them. It is literally the same ad. Over. And over. And over again. There is nothing original here. Nothing to set one brand apart from another.

It is a waste of concepting time. A waste of time spent finding footage. A waste of choosing an appropriately somber music track. A waste of editing said music to picture. A waste of color pass, sound mixing, type and voice over.

It is also a waste of money spent on doing all over the above, and money spent on media.

it is also a waste of messaging.

According to Mindshare, "For the first time since it began asking the question on (beginning the week of March 11) on an unaided basis, the percentage of Americans who said they were aware of any brands helping with the crisis declined, with less than half of respondents citing a brand playing a role.

You have lost the audience. You have wasted everyone's time. You have done nothing original. And you've done even less to create memorable communication for your clients.

I said this three weeks ago. It's only gotten worse.

It's a pandemic of suck.

Stop it already.


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That made me ill to watch,