Fake ad promotes xenophobic ideals.

Dansk Folkeparti (Danish people's party - a right wing/conservative party) lead by Pia Kjaersgaard placed a double page spread in a Swedish newspaper, DN on Sunday, to thank Swedes for their "support".

The advert consisted of letters, presumably written by Swedes, who praised the openly right wing party.

In the advertisment there are quotes from 49 different letters, supposedly written by Swedes. There are at least 29 language mistakes that show the letters were most likely written by Danish speaking people.

In two places, danish verb-endings have been added, "Problemerna" and "idealer" would in swedish be "Problemen" and "idealen". Other mistakes are laughable:

danish - (swedish ) - english
skal (skall or ska) shall
selv (själv) self
ubeboelig (obeboelig) uninhabitable
jeg (jag) me/I
er (är) is
dette (detta) this
pct (%) (procent) percentage
førmanskap (ordförandeskap) chairman

Since the language mishaps are in small words such as "jeg" (me/i) and not in words that actually take on a different meaning in Danish , such as rolig/rolig (in Danish it's calm, in Swedish it's funny) the theory that these letters have been written by Swedes in the southern part of Sweden is unlikely. For geography-challenged, southern Sweden is 20 min from Copenhagen.

It's more likely when trying to speak Swedish to Danes, that one would keep the words we all know are spelled a little different but are almost the same in Swedish spelling, and go Danish on more complicated words that might otherwise be misunderstood. The Danish verb endings on perfectly decent words also indicates that a Dane wrote it, and not someone from Skåne (southern Sweden) something that Dansk Folkeparti's Peter Skaarup suggested could be the reason there were danish words in the ad.
Sorry Peter Skaarup - I don't buy it. Neither does the rest of the Swedish population.

To add a little sunshine to this story, some Swedes discovered that Dansk Folkeparti hadn't been quick enough to register their .com.

They posted a response to the advert at https://www.danskfolkeparti.com/

Apart from the very cute baby who flips Denmark, the page reads:

From: the Swedish People
to: Pia Kjaersgaard
Regarding: The advert in DN 7/7

Now, let that be a lesson to you. ;-)

Moral of the story: when trying to pull a publicity stunt it's speculated that Dansk Folkeparti expected their ad to not be allowed to run at all - and they would then use that to scream "censorship" - be prepared, and run a Swedish spellcheck on those faked "letters from the Swedish people who support us".

Swedes do not support the ideas of Dansk Folkeparti, thats only in their own delusions. Article at DN (in Swedish) about peoples heated reactions against the ad is here.

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