Fib finder extreme - I kissed Scotty - (2003) 0:15 (USA)

Girls playing a game of fibs. The "Fib Finder extreme". I don't even know what to say about this game concept.

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What a bizarre toy this is. Little lie detector widget, I bet it won't be used like this.

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I'm not sure if the technology is the same, but about 35 years ago, some people [a few of whom were ex-CIA] came up with a device called the Pyschological Stress Evaluator (PSE for short). That works based on a little known fact that, when we lie, we make some subsonic sounds [vocally], that are different than others we make when we tell the truth. No matter how good a liar you are (unless you are pyschopathic or truly believe the lie), your voice will carry these tell-tales.

I believe that, while PSEs are not useable as evidence in a court case (like a 'regular' lie detector), they can be used to get warrants, etc. [An ex-gf's father was licensed to operate a PSE, and regularly reviewed taped interogations from about 20-30 different jurisdictions. The interogations had to follow a script that he approved, so that true positives could be established. P.S. He was involved in a semi-famous dispute involving then Philadelphia, PA (USA) Mayor Frank Rizzo. His evaluations supported Rizzo's claims, so Frank really liked him!]

I can see people tape recording spouses, friends, etc., and then reviewing them with the Fib Finder at their leisure. Some people will be injured/killed over that.

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Oooh! Creepy! See I knew that toy would be up to no good.

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BTW, you can look up info on the PSE (use the full name) on Google. There was an article in Penthouse or Playboy back in the 1970'a about the PSE, and the people who created it. The reporter learned how to use and interpret the machine, and he even checked recordings of Lee Harvey Oswald to see what he could learn. [Oswald wasn't lying when he said he didn't shoot no-one (sic), but he was VERY stressed out about his lawyer!]

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The girl kissing her dog I'd put a stinky Yellow sponge on her then go P.U. you stink.