Fruity Fun -Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot

It's time to duke it out as two fruity based products return to the small screen show off their stuff. Who are they? Why, Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot, of course!

It seemed for a brief moment that those famous rolled up, flat squares had run out of ideas. From their last commercial, it was easy to tell. It featured the idea room, where those young employees of the wacky factory showed off Fruit Roll-Up inventions, including the Fruit Roll-Up coat, cup, and...sock. Then it was decided that their new 'thing' would be Fruit Roll-Up tattoos.

Well, after a slight absence, the factory's doors have opened up again. It seems that the Fruit Roll-Up crew hasn't thought of anything too new. Just...fairly new. They're still tattoos...just in a different place. At this point, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking, don't think
that. That's nasty.

Fruit Rollups - Tounge tattoo

Actually, their 'tattoos' for your tongue! Lovely, no? In the latest ad, the young crew wonders what to do. While the other employees do their jobs, they are startled to see one of the workers walking around with his tongue sticking out. But that's not all. He's got a wacky pattern stuck on there.
When another employee shows off his striped tongue, the announcer asks where the inspiration for that came from. He points behind him and says, "New employee." The camera looks over and what do ya know? It's a a lab coat...

Meanwhile, it's a head to head battle as another fruit brand company shows off their stuff. Fruit by the Foot dishes out a slightly less exciting ad, though it has as an article from Adweek says, "a simple idea that rings true."

We're lookin' through the eyes of someone who appears to be very dizzy. The fence and the sky we see swirls around and around. Suddenly, we see two boys lying on the ground. One of them turns around onto his stomach and crawls to the box of Fruit by the Foot. Suddenly, the two friends (Who's names, for real, are Daniel Primrose and Michael Henry *See pic*) stick the long fruity pieces into their mouths and being twirling them around and around. Sort of like if someone had a yo-yo and were doing the "Around the World" trick...only with their mouth.

(See commercial here)

The boys spin and spin until they're all spun out.
The camera shows a low shot as one of the boy's feet appear. They've fainted...well not really fainted. The world swirls before them once again as another pair of boys stand over them, quizzical looks on their faces. Again, quoting that Adweek article, "Children love to spin and get dizzy. The candy just improves the game." Guess it's that simple.

So, who will come off the better in this competition? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, take a look at that Adweek article here.

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