Gröna Lund cancels "also for cowards" advertising campaign with Joel Kinnaman after deadly accident.

Gröna Lund has decided to halt its advertising campaign for the theme park. The campaign, which featured actor Joel Kinnaman and the slogan "Gröna Lund - also for cowards", was displayed in cinemas and on public transport buses, bus posters and other OOH. Both Gröna Lund and SL have confirmed the news.

Gröna Lund även för fegisar
"Gröna Lund - även för fegisar"

The decision to pull the ad campaign comes after a tragic accident occurred on the roller coaster "Jetline" on Sunday, when it derailed, killing one and injuring nine people.

The campaign for Gröna Lund has been running since April, and includes TV ads, but is now being canceled prematurely. The slogan "also for cowards" doesn't quite work anymore in light of what has happened.

"Yes it is true. Due to the tragic accident, we have stopped all marketing. All advertising must be taken down, work that has already begun," confirms Gröna Lund's information manager Annika Troselius to SVT Nyheter.

According to Andreas Strömberg, press manager at SL, the discussion between the contractor who manages the advertising for SL and Gröna Lund began already on Sunday after the fatal accident.

- "They have jointly decided to remove the advertisement. In the best of all worlds, advertising is already gone today. The fact that there are still buses rolling with advertising is because they have to enter the depot and it must be taken down safely."

- "It is not very common (to pull back a campaign early), but it has happened. Advertising is often planned a long time in advance and sometimes you have to adapt to reality." said Andreas Strömberg.

The Gröna Lund campaign features action hero Joel Kinnaman. The idea plays with the stereotype of the traditional action hero, where it becomes clear that brave characters on film are not always brave in real life. And that it's ok to be a coward and only ride the kiddie-rides.

"We have been around for 140 years for big and small, old and young, brave and cowardly. We all have that friend or relative who would rather eat cotton candy or play games than ride the Free Fall or Monster. And they are in good company. Even the toughest Hollywood action hero can be a coward sometimes, and that's ok. Gröna Lund is a place "even for cowards". This year, we have even developed an entrance ticket for cowards, called Ticket-to-Play, where unlimited games are included instead of rides," says Sebastian Delefors, marketing manager at Gröna Lund.

A woman in her 30s died and several people were seriously injured when the "Jetline" roller coaster derailed on Sunday. Prosecutors are now investigating causing the death of another and causing bodily harm. In parallel, the Accident Commission and Gröna Lund themselves are investigating what caused the accident. The Jetline ride opened in 1988, was renovated in 2000, and is a clone of the Knightmare roller coaster at Camelot Theme Park, England. it reaches speeds of 90 km/h - 56 miles per hour. The derailment happened only one minute in on the ride.

The fatal accident has led to Kolmården and Furuviksparken in Sweden, which have roller coasters from the same manufacturer as Jetline, also shutting down those attractions as a safety precaution.

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