I love cum - "I ❤️ cum"

"I ❤️ cum"
"I ❤️ cum"

Locum wishes everyone in Sweden a happy (yule) holiday season - with a very dirty ad indeed.

"I ❤️ cum"

Fantastic ad. Really.

Locum has received several hundred phone calls today but lets us know that most people who spotted the "i love cum" message simply found it funny.

One caller claimed to be shocked and very offended.

Locum's CEO Ingemar Ziegler defends the copy with "naturally this was not intended and if you do have a dirty imagination you may read this a little wrong - but it is harmless."

The body copy in the ad goes on about Locum saving trees by printing only one ad as a holiday wellwisher rather than sending out lots of cards.


So far, nobody has actually read it. ;-) 

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Almost as bad as a webmaster community called Experts Exchange - who started their site under the url ExpertSexChange.com. Now they go by experts-exchange.com lol

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That's funny! I just grabbed a domain name...couldn't help myself...bongsR.us - dunno what the hell I'm gonna do with it. Start an online head shop maybe? Hmm...I wonder if bongosR.us is available? Or bombsR.us - Bin Laden might like that one. I gotta stop smoking that shit.

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Oh yeah, it's one Reddit today as well which explains the sudden traffic to this old post.

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"I don't get it..."
(sees image)
giggle like a school girl

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Helped to see that it was lowercase L. Makes a lot more sense (in two ways)