The Idea Writers: Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era

Teressa Lezzi, while I don't have a problem with this book. I have a problem with the title.

The idea that only "Copywriters" are the ones that make the ideas is assbackwards , and was never true.

Apart from the title, everything else in the book is correct. The traditional team hasn't really been working since the mid 90s, so that revelation isn't new at all, but it also shows us that the traditional "ads" with headline, tagline and slogan are dead.

We write TV shows. We are creating a mobile apps. We're doing an interactive installation. We're making ten thousand jokes to be dispersed on a twitter account. We're writing TV scripts. We're writing long format films for household brands.

Ms Lezzi interviews the hot and on top people of the industry today, and as they share their point of view and learned wisdom you find yourself learning too. You are a brand storyteller, and the story is everywhere. You are not making ads better than other ads, you're (as you always have) competing against the entertainment & films and now the content the consumer is seeking out.

You a n00b? Get this book, it's a who's who in advertising, and has some practical advice on branding. You an old ad-rat? Get this book anyway so that you can scoff at those you disagree with and mentally high-five those you admire.

"When you sit down to do an ad, you're competing with every brand out there." Luke Sullivan

"I think, in general, people don't buy products, they buy stories." Ty Montague

"We are an industry built on assumptions that no longer exist today." David Droga


If you are of the too long didn't read visual types, ignored by this book, let me condense the point it makes: Use any medium to tell your story.

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