Jeep - 4x4ever (2016) :60 (USA)

People drive Jeeps in rough terrain, on long road trips, to houses in the middle of nowhere, through forests where some trees need to pulled out the way. "4 my country how we all started out" with the visual nod to the army Jeep. The best thing about this commercial is the song, which is created for it and sounds pretty good. There's also the "Jeep wave" that jeep drivers apparently do when the see another Jeep. Does this Jeep-community thing happen? You don't see people driving 1971 Ford Pinto's waving fire extinguishers at each other when they pass. "Woo, Ford Pinto!" "Me too! Yeay!" *bursts into fireballs*

Ad agency: Iris, New York

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Tracy Levitz's picture

I can't argue on the song. Won't argue.
But otherwise.
My roller coaster, where this one is concerned, has gone from dislike to hatred to that vague sort of post-hatred exhaustion where you just don't care anymore.
To expand on a tweet, if you're going to invoke military heritage and all the less than hip stuff that goes with it, I would've felt better if this disgustingly attractive group of young folks had been out using their jeeps to adventure in some more cause-oriented way.
I exhausted my outrage early sometime this morning, when I really thought about it and realized, I don't exactly know how many off-roading opportunities there are when building houses with Habitat for Humanity...but, go the extra rugged mile and f'ing figure it out. I mean, if this demographic is supposed to be *not* as narcissistic as billed and oriented to social responsibility (or so these stupid insight papers keep telling me...note to self: don't open those emails anymore). Old military footage juxtaposed with --and I'm getting carried away here-- foraging for wild hops in extreme locales just seems...douchey.
On the other hand, might we surmise these kids are too cool for the "It's a Jeep Thing" decals? God help me, I hate those.
But yeah. Good song. Good, good song.

Dabitch's picture

You're right of course, this is once again clips of pretty hipster footage edited together to mean something, and we've seen a hundred variants of that already. I realize "hipster" is now "mainstream fashion for anyone between 18 and 35", but I'm quite sick of everything looking this flannel-shirt, 50s-headscarfy way, you know? I'm not sure if I'm buying a Jeep or a recycled artisanal coffee thermos for my tent-camping morning cup.

Tracy Levitz's picture

It did linger lovingly on Crouching Bearded Man With Cup. Lovingly.
Now the song is mashing-up with "Folgers/In/My/Cup" in my head.