Lacoste kicks off its 90th anniversary with new campaign “Impossible Encounters” and website

90 years of the iconic Crocodile. 90 years defining French fashion sport. 90 years of a movement born on the court, growing from sport to street.

But this is not just another retrospective at The Crocodile marks its birthday by celebrating the people moving the brand’s heartbeat across the globe today.

Founded by the original Crocodile, René Lacoste, the brand’s values of French elegance, movement, savoir-faire, creativity and reinvention have transitioned seamlessly throughout every decade.

First loved by sports players, inspired by the free elegance of René’s own pro sporting family and charismatic friends, the Crocodile spread through France, across tennis and golfing terrains, beyond court and field, line and border. And with every new corner of the world Lacoste touched, a unique cultural cross-pollination occurred, deeply influencing and being influenced by street culture, popping onto fashion’s runways, collaborating with musicians, artists, and creators, tracing its way through the vintage retro scene, and being inscribed into pop culture.

The Crocodile is now a powerful identifying emblem for many — representing a living, connected heritage that never stops moving.

The Lacoste campaign beautifully showcases the unique differences and unexpected similarities of its eight subcultures. Each pair of subcultures is photographed in meaningful locations, highlighting their favorite meet-up spots, clothing color palettes, and minimalist/maximalist spirits. Through the power of Lacoste, each duo engages in a witty fashion dialogue, making eye contact in a moment of mutual style appreciation. The split screen merges their two worlds, resulting in a set of unexpected kindred spirits bonded through Lacoste.

The campaign's authenticity and nuance are largely attributed to collaboration with local cultural "curators" who ensure the accurate representation of each culture. These curators include Lacosteiros expert, Fernanda Souza (São Paulo), and Street Style Specialist, Motofumi "Poggy" Kogi (Tokyo).

Melreese Golf Club, Miami to Mini Golf du Prado, Marseille
An amateur golfer tees off, surrounded by her friends at Melreese Golf Club, Miami. Swing and hit! Through the magic of film, the ball crosses continents, landing a hole in one on a beach putt putt in Marseille, where a group of vintage lovers have fun in the sun. Surprised, the Marseille friends seek the origin of the ball, just as the Miami golfers look around to see where it’s gone. A moment of unexpected, impossible eye contact ensues.

Seoul, to Roland Garros, Paris
In the audience stands at Roland Garros, a little girl’s hat is caught by the wind, carried across borders and oceans, to land in the middle of a group of stylish girlfriends, chilling after a spirited game of tennis in Seoul. The little girl turns to search for her hat and is captivated by their style.

Les Ardoines, Greater Paris to Harlem 125th St Station, New York City

Emerging from a train on to the platform in the Paris Banlieue, two friends styled head-to-toe in white Lacoste tracksuits appear to notice another pair of friends in their Lacoste tennis whites, in New York City. A touch of incredulity and mutual respect as they appear to take in each other’s style.

Heliopolis, Saõ Paulo to Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

A group of Lacosteiros from Saõ Paulo chat, chill and dance together. Meanwhile in Tokyo, a group of friends meet up at a street corner in an iconic vintage fashion district. Catching eyes across oceans, both groups stop short to appreciate each other’s style.

Campaign: The Impossible Encounters
Brand: Lacoste
Brand Managers: Catherine Spindler, Nathalie Beguinot, Julien Scheubel, Yoann Wenger, Mylene Atlan, Caroline Geraud
Ad Agency: BETC Paris
Agency Managers: Bertille Toledano, Marine Hakim, Maud Lambert, Suzy Morin
Chief Creative Officer: Remi Babinet
Executive Creative Director: Florence Bellisson
Art Director: Agnes Cavard
Copywriters: Symonne Torpy, Antoine Gauquelin
Junior Art Director: Joachim Touitou
Music Creative Director: Adam Ghoubali
Strategic Planner: Yann Chervet
Traffic Manager: Alexandra Chini
Art Buyer: Isabelle Mocq
Photographer: Ronan Gallagher
TV Producer: Yannis Cullaz
Production Company: COLORS
Director: Yoni Lappin
Producer: Jules Dieng
Sound Company: GUM

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