League Against Obesity - Firemen, Astronaut, Fighter pilot (print)

Latinworks (with the passionate blond MD) have created this campaign for the League Against Obesity (http://lcosp.com) in Guatemala. Targeting parents by reminding them of the dreams we all had as children (I wanted to be a highway motorcycle cop because I watched CHiPs), the image shows our usual astronauts, firemen and fighter pilot, except they are extremely obese men in these uniforms.

No kid dreams of becoming an overweight adult the line says. It's a true insight, no kid ever pictures themselves as having any problem when they grow up, but they also don't yet understand the huge effect a healthy diet has on their physical development, or deterioration. You have to sneak vegetables on to their plates, limit the soda because if it were up to them they'd drink a lake full, nag them about protein intake, and remind them that milk does a body good at every meal.

It's nice to see a simple visual execution with an insight - parents want the best for their children and to correct any mistakes they themselves may have made. The foundation of a healthy body and good food habits begins in childhood - even before birth, if you remember how many prenatal vitamins and forbidden foods there are for pregnant and lactating mothers - and it's important to eat right from the start. Junk food is a treat, not a daily meal, and the Liga Contra la Obesidad y el Sobrepeso in Guatemala will let your family consult with a doctor on what your family needs to do to change habits before the risk for type 2 diabetes becomes the daily worry, instead of dreaming about being a firefighter.

Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Directors: Hernán Cerdeiro, Morris Dávila, Daniel Lobatón
Art Director: Morris Dávila
Copywriter: Daniel Lobatón
Account Supervisor: Christy Kranik
Production Company: Rocket to the Moon
Photographer: Inés García Baltar
Digital Retoucher: Diego Speroni

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Love the insight. No one dreams of being fat. Just as no one dreams of getting throat cancer for smoking, or no one dreams of losing their teeth from meth. But what's weird is, obesity ins't being positioned as a health problem as much as it should be. While anorexia and bulimia are treated as being the more important eating disorder to solve, the fact is less than 3% of the population suffers from this kind of disorder. Whereas childhood obesity has skyrocketed to 21%, since 1980. Right now more kids are at risk for at least one disease including heart disease, and diabetes than ever before. Moreover, nearly 70% of American adults are considered obese.
People need to understand obesity is a very real problem. The ads above needs to stay this insightful if we ever want to do anything about it. And believe me, we need to. A study in JAMA has just come out stating that metabolic syndrome (a syndrome associated with obesity that leads to all kinds of diseases like diabetes and heart disease) is quickly becoming the number one cause of disease in America.

The interesting thing though, is that young people only rarely acquire it, as it is a disease that comes with age.
In other words, prevention at a younger age ensures the reduction of the disease at an older age. Surely with all the brilliant educators out there, a program can be developed to educate kids as to why proper weight management is key to a healthy life.

I know there's a lot of talk about body shaming but really, if we continue to give one very real health problem a pass, all we're doing is enabling the very real problem.

If that's the case then we might as well encourage kids to smoke and have unprotected sex so we don't make them feel bad about themselves.