Les Petits Frères des Pauvres - The isolation of our seniors may one day be yours - (2021) France

This is a superbly told story - one day the old age isolation may be yours. A young couple move into a flat, and the man sees an older man in a flat across the street. As time passes, the young couple have a child, the final breakup argument, and the child grows up. Each time the young man looks across the street to the old man. Does he really see someone else? As time passes, we realize it was him all along. 

In 2017, the 1st report of the Petits Frères Des Pauvres on the isolation of people over 60 in France, revealed that 300,000 of them were in a situation of social death. That is to say, in a situation of extreme loneliness, very rarely, if ever in contact with other people, all networks combined (family, friends, neighborhood, associative network). This figure has become a reference when talking about the isolation of the elderly. In 2021, after an unprecedented health crisis, Les Petits Frères Des Pauvres is releasing a new barometric report that presents the evolution of the figures on the isolation of seniors 4 years after the first one. Two data are worth noting: 530,000 elderly people (vs. 300,000 in 2017) are now in a situation of social death, the equivalent of the population of the city of Lyon, and 2 million elderly people suffer from isolation (vs. 900,000 in 2017). In short, social death and isolation have doubled and will continue their terrible escalations if we don't all act together. To fight against this situation that no one wants to see, Les Petits Frères Des Pauvres is making this a social issue and thus saying no to the isolation of our seniors.

Brand: Les Petits Frères des Pauvres
Product: Awareness
Advertiser: Les Petits Frères des Pauvres
Broadcasted: 2021-10-01
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