Liquid Death turned internet hate comments into danceable hits: "Greatest Hates, Vol 3"

Honestly, the best and most consistent branding tone of voice seems to be done by brands where former advertising creatives are steering the ship. We have John Schoolcraft at Oatly, and Mike Cessario at Liquid Death. I've been a big fan of the water ever since I saw the can - and yes, I do judge books by their covers too.

Here, Liquid Death has decided to take hate comments and turn them into hits. Bop to 10 delightful, spiteful tracks featuring lyrics written entirely by real internet haters. "We just took them verbatim and set them to music. Order the limited edition vinyl or stream it today!"

The album is announced in a classic spoof of those "compilation album" commercials of yore, but with Puritans dancing and singing along.

Why puritans? Because they want to burn Liquid Death at the stake, of course! Here is the "F*ck whoever started this" official music video.

But wait that's not all - to paraphrase those old "music compilation" commercials - you can also buy the limited edition 12-inch Liquid Death greatest hits pink vinyl. And you can naturally stream the whole album on Spotify, or stream it on Apple Music.

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