Manor - "Cosmic Christmas" (2022) (Switzerland)

At Christmas you always want to spoil your loved ones. You are looking for individual and original its to feel them with joy. Manor commercial this year displays a young couple trying to outdo each other in their search of the perfect gift. A competition begins, ending with the affirmation that the selection in Manor's house of gifts is unbeatable. The TV spot can be seen from November 10 in a 55-second version on YouTube and in shorter versions of 10 and 30 seconds on Swiss TV channels.


Therefore, this year Manor is using humor and wittiness to spread the joy of Christmas in their commercial and spread it to their consumers. Anna and Peter, a young couple is spending their first Christmas together. Peter decides to play it safe for their first Christmas and offers her a little stuffed cat. Anna had the same idea but slightly bolder and offers him a real kitten. Both look at their gifts and it becomes clear, an annual competition for the best gift is on !


The story plot and the crescendo of unexpected gifts just start building from here, bring creativity and fun throughout the whole commercial. The two mains’ actors are not only competing with their gifts but also with the talents.Anna’s acting game with her mimics and expressions perfectly completes Peter’s comic body language. Directed by well-known Bart TIMMER, the tension successful rise and is being magnify by the revisited classic “Anything you can do”.After a fierce gift competition, including a gold nugget, the Mona Lisa and even acute alien star from out of space, the competition end with a Manor gift. Peter admits his defeats facing this personal and special gift. The best gift after all is not the most extraordinary but the most thoughtful. And this why Manor is the place to go for make Christmas special for your loved ones.


“Christmas is the ideal opportunity to give someone special an extraordinary treat. In the new Christmas TV spot, we show a pair of lovers who leave no stone unturned to outdo each other at Christmas with their unique gift ideas. To do so, they travel to faraway places and through galactic spheres. But why go far afield when the perfect gifts are so close at hand, namely at Manor," says Jennifer Frame, Brand Director at Manor.


Manor developed the plot of the TV commercial in cooperation with the BETC Paris advertising agency. It was realized by specialists from various film fields.


"Christmas is the right time to talk stronger about the brand, especially for a department store like Manor. The TV spot is humorous, slightly surreal and with a lot of human touch thanks to the two actors and the talented director Bart Timmer. The film rises thanks to the crescendo of unexpected gifts and by the rhythm of the revisited classic “Anything you can do” song", says Alexandre Henry, creative director at BETC.The spot will be broadcast nationwide from November 10, 2022. The longer version is available on YouTube and the 10 and 30 seconds can be seen on TV. 

Campaign: Cosmic Christmas
Brand: Manor
Brand Managers: Sandra Kottenauer, Jennifer Frame
Ad Agency: BETC Paris
Agency Managers: Christelle Fagot, Geraldine Boisse, Carole Lequin
Executive Creative Director: Antoinette Beatson
Creative Director: Alexandre Henry
Art Director: Antoine Montes
Copywriter: Alban Gallee
Strategic Planning: Mia Assor
Traffic Manager: Anne Guillaume
TV Producer: Arthur Cantin
Production Company: HENRY
Director: Bart Timmer
Sound Company: Le Comptoir Du Son

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