More scams in Cannes - Luxor highlights by Leo Burnett, when Luxor is Lowe's client.

More gossip from the little birdies my friends. Is the fantastic Luxor highlighters campaign a scam ad? We do know that the agency who created them doesn't have the account. Oopsie!
Time of India reports;

LEO Burnett’s Grand Prix winning work at the Abbys 2008—Luxor Highlighters—seems headed for controversy. Though Leo Burnett’s work may have seen it winning a Grand Prix, Luxor is in fact Lowe India’s client. What’s even more interesting is that company officials appeared to be clueless about the body of work that Leo Burnett has showcased.

But here's a new twist, we get to hear directly from K.V. “Pops” Sridhar, Executive Creative Director at the "highlight Luxor" ad agency, Leo Burnett, sharing his thoughts about this and other 'legal scams' in the Mint Wall Street Journal/ business newspaper. (inside)

Winning ads have been created keeping the award jury in mind

These ads have been created keeping an eye on the award juries and they have succeeded in making an impression on them. These ads that have such low media visibility have still done our country proud and made stars of the people who created them and won the agencies that entered them even more fame.
And here’s how. With one ad, the client has been able to get much more PR on their brands than most of us can conceive. For little or in some cases no money at all, big brands are in the news for all the right reasons. In fact, more mature clients in India and abroad actively encourage their agencies to exercise their creative minds to win awards on their brands. After all, if a batsman can score a triple ton in one match, surely he can be depended on to score a 50 when needed. Now with regard to Luxor, which the critics are saying is not even Leo Burnett’s client, I would like to contend that there are many such clients in existence, clients who welcome path-breaking ideas from agencies even if those agencies aren’t initially on their roster. Who wins? The idea wins and, therefore, the brand wins and, therefore, the creators of the ideas win and, therefore, the agencies they represent win. And only those not used to winning will have a problem with that.
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thanks! ;)

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Oh that last word from K.V. Sridhar is a great tactic: "You got a problem with it, it's because you never win and are jealous". I can practically hear him say "Nyah Nyah Nyah!"

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Cheating against everyone else in the business...if you claim to respect the people who you work with...can't be justified, no matter how you try to spin it.

If you've 'won' for a scam ad, well, then you've never really won at all.

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The last ad Pops Sridhar wrote was in 1947 when India got her Independence.
Jeez these guys will justify anything.

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If wining can only comes with scam, you are not doing your regular job right.
The one who won with real work is the only one that can walk tall.
I guess honesty and hard work doesn't court anymore!

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These ideas are getting too old. Godwin's Law should apply to advertising awards.

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You mean every time you do a visual with Hitler, you're godwinned? I think we might need to add Osama bin Laden, George W Bush, Stalin, Lenin, and assorted dictators to the bunch. ;)