Nippon is lovin' it right.

For over a year now, hordes of creatives around the world have been cringing at McDonald's insipid "I'm lovin' it" campaign. But now, believe it or not, we have found a diamond in the rough on a notable Asian archipelago.

Go here to watch the latest from McDonald's Japan, in particular, spots 3 and 4. (Windows Media Player warning). See them also here in the commercial archives: Mrs MCdonald's and Mr McDonald's

McHoly Crap! McDonald's got itself some mad clown style! The only prob is, the fourth spot has now confused my affinity for redheaded gals with my childhood aversion to clowns. I fear my dreams are going to be mighty messed up tonight.

So McDonald's... please take note. I'm just one consumer, but if you started doing stuff like this in the States, I might just head back to your Golden Arches without too much embarrassment or self-loathing. Thank you.

Stills of the third and fourth spots provided below for the convenience and review purposes of those who prefer not to mess with Windows Media files.

Thanks to MeFi.

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What the heck!?? I'm really stumped here. Wow.

Andreas-Udd's picture

That's a damn shame. I wish I had saved those ads on my HD now, they were quite something.

Dabitch's picture

Media Guardian talks to the ads creator, but the Guardian aren't allowed to show the ads!

But the chain is still protective of its reputation. McDonald's Japan refused permission to show the full TV advert.
The Japanese adverts, which promoted the new McGrand burger, first appeared last year and had a big impact on popular culture, particularly the culture of costume play, known as "cospre".
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Neither do I and dab: is it fake or truish red? :)

deeped's picture

*Mohahahaha* Sunday morning, Father's day and a big laugh. Clay, you're the man! :)

Andreas-Udd's picture

Claymore, you've got it made! I doubt she has sesame seed buns however.

slydecix's picture

I love how the sandwich just comes out of nowhere

Dabitch's picture

cond iment. Claymore, I fricking love you.

claymore's picture

Well, I predicted that this Nipponese McBabe commercial stuff might sneak into and freak out my dreams during sleepytime, and I'll be damned if I wasn't right.

It was quite the night within my Dreamscape.

Believe it or not, she had sesame seed buns, which took a little getting used to, but I quickly warmed to the idea.

Before that, she unwrapped herself for me at the foot of her four-poster clown bed as a scratchy vinyl record of Jimmy Buffet singing Cheeseburgers in Paradise played somewhere in the room.

As she slowly crawled up the bed towards me, I noticed that her feet were surprisingly small.

Soon, I found her beside me, and after she nuzzled my neck for a little while, she moved up to graze my ear and then murmured in a warm, breathy whisper, "Buh-ba-buh-buh-bahhhh..."

Decorum and discretion dictate that I not describe what happened next during this subconscious marketing encounter, except for this...

Good God, that gal could arch her back.

PS: Don't worry, AdLand - I used a condiment.

Andreas-Udd's picture

WOW! This is superbly surreal. Cult Classic. I'm finally lovin' it.

kamari's picture

I'll have some of whatever those creatives are smoking, thanks.

Like Claymore, my dreams will be mighty messed up forever!
(Claymore where do you come up with that stuff? Brilliant!)

blabla's picture

I would never..... I mean.. ahhh.. aaaaaaaaah..... ah.

Sport's picture

I wish someone had saved them too, I missed this! Looks like it was rather funny.
And again, a redhead. Dabitch... Is it you?

This thread made extra awesome by claymore's dreams.

Dabitch's picture

Are you archive-diving today sport? You're not the first to joke that I looked like that McDonald's redhead, arrrrgh.

Sport's picture

Yeah, I just discovered the 'more' link in the recent popular content box and it's a bit like sticking your hand into a bag of mixed candies when your eyes are closed, you always get something interesting.

Dabitch's picture

Adland: "a bag of candy with your eyes closed".. hmmm, could've been a tagline. ;P

TDD's picture

Dabitch wrote: Are you archive-diving today sport? You're not the first to joke that I looked like that McDonald's redhead

The McDonald's redhead looks like Heidi Klum to me.

tod.brody's picture

I don't know how I could have missed these back in '04. They're freaking fantastic!

Dabitch's picture

Yeah! So surreal (like Claymore's dream). Now if you'll excuse me, I must go find a red and white shirt and a yellow skirt & vest to wear today.