Ogilvy London Hijacked - Part II

Because this story just won't die yet!

Now I'm layed up in bed with some pooick tummy bug that my 3 year old daughter brought home from nursery, so with my new found down time, I could not resist finding out the latest from the guys who are eating away at the ad establishment.
So to date the big agency is still keeping schtum about www.ogilvymather.co.uk domain, the url was scooped up just 24 hours after it became available; but its evil minions seem to be rallying round below.
And one strange voice has been heard that disagrees with the rest of the webs resounding support for this viral stunt, but as we say, every one to their own though, and this is after all a free web.
But, after reading this INDEPTH and somewhat personal attack especially on the agencies creative director Ben Wheatley, by the site Netimperative, the viral jesters obviously felt that it was only right, and modern to have their say back. Yet, on the original netimperative site, and although they describe themselves as a community, there is no provision to comment in any way publicly, even worse there is no authors name given either.

But as one would expect from the ASABAILEY team they have taken the matter into our own hands. And guess what? Having their say was as simple as taking the netimperitive.co.uk domain name. Oh dear indeed.

It's a shame the agency had to respond so predictable, but when you read the original article, you’ll see why the netimperative editorial team left the upstarts with no other choice. And after all it is all rather ironic and great fun and so blindingly simple. To catch up on all the other gossip from this what has been described as The Agency Stunt of the 2004 take a butchers at some of the posts on the blogs below, who have all reported on the viral crazyness so far.
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Right now I've fueled yet even more trouble for these pesky chaps, I'm back to feeling rubbish.
Check out the original first thread here - Ogilvy London Hijacked


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Who cares? Isn't this whole thing immature? All this does is just reinforce the widespread notion that way too much of the ad scene is completely self-absorbed and self-important. If only as much effort and energy was focused into making great work that stood out our industry would be better off.

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You missed one by the way. NetCraft mention sthe hijack here.

And of course it's immature, thats how the game of free buzz works isn't it?

deeped's picture

So what if it's immature. People taking things too seriously are boring. That's why some of us think this was funny since O&M is boring = taking themselves too serious.

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Jim Hanas elert today:

"Last week, U.K.-based viral ad agency Asabailey pulled a stunt on Ogilvy & Mather by registering the domain www.ogilvymather.co.uk and redirecting the
address to its own site, insinuating that if Ogilvy "understood the modern brand" it "would know how to protect it." It would not, in other words, let it
be hijacked online by the likes of Asabailey.

But is this really a gotcha? Netimperative.com says no, and Asabailey responds."

suddenwaffle's picture

I'm not a big fan of Ogilvy myself, but I still think the hijacking's logic is skewed. If I am a 10+mil potential client, I'd be more inclined to give my money to people who take things seriously. Then the big serious Ogilvy can just hire the not-so-serious freelance creatives to come up with the stunts.