This pro trans "Bathroom ad" to air during Trump’s acceptance speech

On the evening that Donald J. Trump is expected to accept the Republican nomination, the group "Fairness USA" will run a commercial that criticizes laws colloquially known as "bathroom bills". The HB2 legislation requires, among other things, anyone using bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms in public schools and agencies to use only those designated for the sex noted on their birth certificates. Fairness USA argue that this is discrimination of transgender people in public places, and have chosen to show a scenario in the ad where a transgender woman is told by a manager to go to the mens room instead. “I can’t go in there,” but then two other women arrive and tell the manager/man off as well.

The ad will air on Fox News during Mr. Trump’s speech. The spokesperson in the ad is Alaina Kupec, a transgender woman from North Carolina, the Co-Chair at Transgender legal, who has spoken to Salon about the risk Kupec will face if relegated to the mens room, a "potentially dangerous and deadly situation", enacted in this ad. “Safety and privacy in bathrooms are important to all of us,” Kupec says. There's no retort to the boundaries point brought up in the Alliance Defending Freedom ad, just a rehash of the most common soundbytes poorly mimed. The placement of this commercial on Fox during the Trump speech will be its trump card, forgive the pun.

Client: Fairness USA

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