Real young creatives show us their.. uh.. guns.

CP&B who are handling the stunts for the Young Gun awards these came up with this campaign, real young creatives pose nekkid holding up their best work to cover their naughty bits at

A few - if not all - of the young hot creatives featured on the site were at one time interns at Crispin.

The sex-thing might be a little tired, but the reasoning could be that the young target won't know it is. ;)

Some cred: Tiffany Kosel (AD), Jed Grossman (AD) and Kevin Koller who came up with the concept.

Our friend in the field said: ...the poster arrived in a plain brown envelope - to mimic adult magazines. except on the envelope it read, "this contest is not intended for adults over 30".

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What's really sad is that as limp (no pun intended) as the website is, I have developed a serious crush on the girl with glasses lying on the bed. I really need to get a life.

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Between their XXX-rated Mini outdoor that just won an Obie and their Virgin Atlantic Spectravision spoof and now this, I'd say Crispin has pretty much milked the whole faux porn gimmick dry. Not even a flashy website can disguise a tired idea.

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Now I get to spank you! Bend over! Pronto! :))

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Ok, crap, I was angry after a bad presentation, aijt? I take everything back. Seriously.

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You said it yourself, PixelBot: "Sex has been done a million times before." Especially, you could've added, by Crispin. Why do they get a free pass for repeating themselves? The problem isn't that the website is offensive, it's that it's unoriginal. Which is all the more ironic given that it's for an award show whose very raison d'etre is to honor fresh thinking.

I also think Comrade Bernbucks makes an excellent point about the nature of the awards themselves. The website does nothing to challenge or change that perception.

Of course, there are far too many award shows as it is - and I don't see the need for this one. The very fact that there is an award show season shows how grotesquely out of hand this industry-wide circle jerk has gotten. But that's another rant for another time. . .

Hey, PixelBoy, you don't happen to know who that fetching brunette with the glasses is, do you?

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What are you all bitching about?
I don't think this fun sexy gag of a campaign adresses mine and others concerns with Young Guns the awards reputation that they firmly established their first year of operation, as I described in my earlier comment. Is the award really what it says it is, for the young and unestablished, a punk award where everyone fresh out of school can have a go and could win the gold and the grand prix regardless of where (and what agency) they are from? Or is it simply an ageist award that caters to the same old top ten hot shops around the world, and the same campaigns that win in the other awards? There is a difference between their talk and their walk.

Here's the info about this campaign that I am looking for; did CP&B even know they had this image problem to deal with? Because they sure as hell aren't doing anything to change it with this sexy flash site. The puns might be funny, the art direction spot on, but it's not solving the advertising problem as I see it.

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What are you all bitching about? Seriously. Sure. sex has been done a million times, but it's a relevant idea and a pisstake on a lot of stuff. If you don't want to enter, then don't. Young Guns is a very good competition and gets a lot of attention worldwide. One of the featured creatives is my AD and the guys behind Young Guns are pretty cool people. If you need info on how this campaign was set up feel free to ask.

Spank you.

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everyone hates it. i didn't mind it. puns galore, but it's over the top with it all, and i was amused. but, having never won a grand anything or even a gold anything or best-in-show anything myself, i'm apt to think that all things Crispin are fabulous.

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Who can blame you, she is HAWT! I'm glad I am not alone. Someone fix us up with her number, please.

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Giving duds must be common, since there's "hardly" anything they can do about it.

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Uh, wait. . . I was angry after a bad presentation, too, Dabitch. I've been naughty. So very, very naughty.

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I suspect as much as well, and gave them a dud email (a habit of mine). The auto-reply sends the same email to everyone - just enter the password 'comeinside', like their email says.

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My guess is that the socks are a nod to the old porn-law, where people weren't naked if they were wearing socks... (porn-movie myth perhaps?)

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Does anyone think the they're actually going to do something with the information you give to enter? I assume it must be just another part of the faux porn, because I doubt many adgrunts would be gullible enough to enter the information honestly.

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What's with the socks on the couple in bed? How unsexy.

Dab, we're just too civilized for that ;-)

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I'm shocked - shocked I tell you - that none of y'all have started rhyming Guns with Buns or made any Beavis&Butthead-style snickering jokes yet. ;)

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It does nothing to make me want to enter. Isn't that the get people to enter the contest? Or is it just "shock-vertising" to get attention. Either way, shame on stinks.

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Young Guns claims to be the award for "young, hungry and unestablished" creatives around the world. The punk award. A great idea had they not handed out awards to the likes of Mother (and Mother, and Mother again) in their first year of operation (winners list). A creative working at the likes of Mother, Cliff Freeman & Partners or W+K no matter how young, is hardly unestablished.

This campaign does nothing to fix that credibility problem they have. Ever heard the expression 'what you are shouts louder than anything you say'? So you make a raunchy and unexpected website, *yawn*, lets just see who wins what and if that is unexpected this year shall we? When it isn't I'll stop listening to those who claim it's anaward for the young and unestablished and see it for what it is; a ageist award. ;)

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Fake porn sites are in the same crowded ad idea club as shopping channel parodies and National Enquirer send ups.

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Is it me or does this sort of represent all that is bad about the advertising industry:

i.e. a bunch of arrogant pricks (pun intended), pretty much mocking their doe-eyed sycophant followers who will do anything to work at a co-called hot-shop with a so-called genius?

not to mention, as has been said already-- a tired idea to boot.

what's next-- are they gonna do an "electronica" album?