Recycle your own ideas.

Instead of stealing good ideas from others - why not reuse your own?

Recycling is good for your salary.

Nike Poster

Client: Nike, Spain

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland

AD: Michael Simons

CW: Jose Molla

Line reads: Perdido! (Wanted) 22 years old. Brown hair, light eyes. Last seen four years ago running in the Palermo park area, wearing a white T-shirt, shorts and the Nike Air Max shoes, the ones that are more comfortable due to their cushioning. If anyone sees him, please warn him that if he does not stop running by tomorrow his girlfriend will be going back to her ex.

Seen In: CampaignBrief, Australia (adwatch)

Harley Milk

Client: Harley Davidson

Agency: FCB Sydney, Australia

AD: (and CD) Michael Simons, former Wieden in Portland CW: Dunno

Line reads: Missing Dan was last seen on 22/9/98, leaving his Hillcrest residence on a red Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, with black and chrome Evolution engine and beefy fork tubes. Two days prior to his disappearance, accompanied by an unidentified female, Dan withdrew savings of $29,995 and purchased the bike. Witnesses describe the woman as a tall redhead bearing a striking to Miss Gold Coast 1997. (etc)

Seen In: The very same issue of CampaignBrief from Australia

Odd how these two, very similar ads have the same idea and the same Art Director, isn't it?As it says in CampaignBrief, "the writer of the Nike ad is Jose Molla (Michael Simons' ex partner) who is also the talent." Which makes it quite obvious that this creative, recycled an old idea. I don't like to say that only one part of a team is 'the talent' as that ruins the point of the team-structure. (if a team does good work, the team is the talent). What I thought of when I saw this was: " Look, it's the Nike Alpha Project!",...... remember? The commercial with the guy running, and as he comes home he finds that his key doesn't open the door, and his wife's new husband opens it, his child says..'Daddy...?' and the wife exclaims; 'Honey!, You're Alive!'. Same idea again, isn't it? Perhaps all Wieden creatives are in the habit of recycling themselves. (there, I just knocked an entire worldwide agency network..Shame on me.) But don't let me rant alone, please share your views as well.

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One thing you can someiimes say about a good idea: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. How many have triied redesigning the wheel? the paer clip?