Reminded of WTC disaster by Right Guard ad

Right Guard ran a television advert for the deodorant which showed a man running down a dust-filled stairwell to escape a collapsing office block. The ITC banned the ad and it was pulled from air on Sept 7th and intending to replace it with a revised version Sept 22nd. But, apparently even the amended version has drawn complaints as well.The ad was originally banned after more than 150 viewers complained that it reminded them of the World Trade Centre disaster.

The independent television commission ordered Right Guard maker Gillette to withdraw the advert after it received 159 complaints that it was "offensive and upsetting".

The campaign, launched shortly before the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York, showed an office worker running from a building that was being demolished by a wrecking ball as part of a test to see if his deodorant was effective.

Adgrunts, click read more to watch (what I think) is the edited version.

Right Guard

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I'm not reminded of 9-11 when I watch that. It's a wrecking ball not a plane hitting the building and there are tons of movies were people are running down dusty and/or destroyed hallways and I haven't heard anyone complain about them.

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This spot is only 19 seconds. Perhaps the full version is more "traumatic".

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it's traumatizing me with it's cheezyness... Eeew, did he just wiff the guys pit? ew! ew!

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heheheh. Better the annoucer guy sniff it than the girl who hugs him at the end!