ROOF Studio Animates A 3D Call for Nature and Community in New 4-H Canada Short

Animation studio ROOF Studio (ROOF) partnered with 4-H Canada to produce a 3D animated short for 4-H Canada, a not-for-profit organization focused on world-class positive youth development experiences. Conceived by communications marketing agency Edelman Canada, “4-H Forever” demonstrates the impact 4-H in Canada has on preparing youth for their futures and the role volunteers play in making that happen. The piece can be seen on social media, programmatic placements, SEO, and connected TV.

Led by ROOF Creative Directors Vinicius Costa, Lucas Camargo, and Guto Terni, the film follows the path of four children involved with 4-H. From their early days in a community garden to the building of a community center, this captivating story provides a powerful testament to the impact of volunteerism, the enduring bonds of friendship, and the crucial role that community engagement can play in making lasting and positive change in the lives of young people.

“4-H volunteers are there to support youth as they learn to do by doing, which empowers them with skills to lead and often creates bonds that last a lifetime,” said Shannon Benner, CEO of 4-H Canada. “ROOF Studio did an incredible job of distilling the impact of our program with animation that beautifully gets to the very core of how our program impacts young Canadians.”

“Bringing ‘4-H Forever’ to life was an exercise in blending meticulous planning, masterful design, and compelling storytelling – all hallmarks of our approach to animation,” said Terni, Partner/Creative Director at ROOF Studio. “Our storyboard laid out vibrant scenes, interconnected through fluid camera movements and transitions, setting the stage for an animation journey that was both challenging and rewarding.”

The film’s scenic transitions give the viewer an active sense of involvement and progress as the four young characters set out on their shared journey.

ROOF also used time-lapse to showcase the youth’s teamwork and evolution in building the community center. This visual device allowed for the camera to be a silent observer, providing a sense of continuity and continuous creation.

Sunlight is just one element of the natural world to feature in the short. Nature and all its breathtaking components prove pivotal throughout, with landscapes acting as fulsome story elements – providing animators with a chance to showcase the studio’s passion for detail. Costa explained their expert approach to realism and detail: “This focused approach crafts an immersive world, where sunlight not only enhances realism but also warmly illuminates the children's journey, adding depth and symbolizing hope and unity.”

From the film’s inception, there was a clear need to create a world that both complemented and highlighted the enthusiastic quartet at the film’s core: “Their unique stylized forms spawned the world building around them. The spaces they interact with are never squared perfectly; we let the forms flow to infuse realism in our render with an organic spatial dynamic,” said Camargo, who took on the roles of Director, Creative Director, and Art Director. “The overall mood we wanted was to feel like a dream, a memory. We are with them in that warm sunlight, and I think we achieved that.”

The final short film is the result of a large and dedicated team of talented individuals with a truly innovative spirit. “The technical challenges were considerable, from the creation of multiple detailed environments to a rich cast of characters, each requiring an enormous amount of detail,” concluded Terni. “But these challenges served as catalysts for our creativity and innovation.”

Client: 4-H Canada
Chief Executive Officer, Shannon Benner
Chief Marketing Officer: Nadine Sisk
Communications Manager: Amy Felton
Marketing Coordinator: April Nyenkamp

Communications Marketing Agency: Edelman Canada
CD, Copywriter: Shauna Roe
Senior Art Director, Designer: Hira Gomes
Producer: Tamara Sulliman
Executive Sponsor: Megan Spoore
Lead Strategist: Vanessa Spagnuolo
Account Lead: Catherine Santos
Account Driver: Kellie Williamson
Project Manager: Petar Sredojevic

Production Company: ROOF Studio
Director: Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni
CD: Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa
AD: Lucas Camargo
EP: Fernanda Curi
Head Producer: Marcio Lovato
Line Producer: Patrizia Fanganiello
CGI TD: Heber Conde, Wallan Oliveira
Lead 3D: Alexandre Eschenbach
Storyboard: Paulo Crumbin, Estevão Chromiec
3D Layout: Lucas Ribeiro, Heber Conde
3D Modeler: Leo Rezende, Ricardo Viana, Tiago Mesquita, Geison Araujo, Gabriel Oliveira, Danilo Gerard, Lucas Lira, Leandro Wagner, Thales Simonato, Alehandro Franca
RiggerL Danilo Pinheiro
Lookdev/Lighting Artist: Claudio Jr, Marcelo Vaz, Thales Simonato, Gean Carlos, Henrique Tomé, Milton dias, Pedro Henrique Placido, William Silva, Tiago Mesquita, Thales Simonato, Julio Bonfante
Groomer: Lucas Amaral
Animation Supervisor: Francisco Catão
Animation Team: Rodrigo Dutra, Marcio Kakuno, Gabriel Carmo, Matheus Caetano, Fernando Donizetti, Jeffry Syahputra Wy, Lucas Degani, Leonardo Paul, Gustavo Bertozzi
VFX: Heber Conde, Mindblown Lab

Music/Mix: Marcelo Baldin
Composer: Jorge Pereira

About ROOF Studio:
ROOF is a boutique animation studio that produces original and branded content. As animation storytellers, we drift towards the quirky, the whimsical, the uncharted. We imbue emotion in every movement, every color to craft visual stories that you can’t help but watch over and over. Recent and notable clients include American Express, Honda, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO, Verizon, and Unilever.

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