Seattle hamburger joint shows Jesus smoking a joint, because marketing.

Seattle burger joint Lunchbox Laboratory saw a huge opportunity in the fact Easter falls on April 20th this year. What better way to get press than combining the most important holiday in the Christian religion with a stoner holiday as a giant fuck you to a lot of people, only to claim that's a good thing because you're getting talked about.

Lunchbox Laboratory owner John Schmidt had this to say in a radio interview: "We knew we were pushing it a little bit but at the same time that is kind of what our marketing is about."

When asked by the interviewer if they would post an image of Mohammed or Martin Luther King, Mr. Schmidt said sure, and then hid behind South Park. Because a show that satirizes society for a larger point, and a hamburger joint showing Jesus smoking a doober in an email blast is the exact same thing.

Schmidt said in the radio interview "We're looking for people to be talking about our marketing," said Schmidt. "You talking about us on the air is the grand slam, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."

Cool, so now you're being talked about on Adland. We're talking about what shit advertising you created.

This is Urban Outfitters merchandise circa 1998 shit.

Back when I taught at portfolio school, if a student put this shit ad up, I would tell them to take it down and wipe their ass with it. I would have further instructed the students that if they think this is clever, than they are in the same shitty boat as Hitler who has also been used in ads, too for the exact same shitty reasons. And that reason is, if you don't know how to make a fucking ad with a fucking idea, than you make shit.

Ads like this are designed only to shock. but that's the funny thing about shocks. The shock wears off quickly.. And shock value in terms of advertising equals a dingleberry.

So yes, congratulations, Lunchbox Laboratory. You took a big stinking shit on the floor of your restaurant and then held up a megaphone to it, and then applauded when we talked about your shit.

Speaking of shit, you know what else is currently getting a lot of press? The Ebola virus.

That should be your follow up ad in the campaign, Lunch Box Laboratory. You know, so you can be edgy.

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Looks like that ad really got to you adland!! lololol1111

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Yeah shit ads kind of upsets us. Why make crap when you can do better? Advertising is a chunk of noise into our common space, a guest in everyones visual field, every day. It promotes and shapes our culture, not just mirrors it. It feeds into our collective voice. Advertising & Media is a powerful speaker and feeding junk into it which screams louder for each turn only creates a feedback loop that amplifies as we go round and round. And if you keep putting shit in it, it'll all turn to crap.

But I guess you YOLO so you don't give a fuck. How very cool of you.

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Yeah they loved the attention so much they posted a different ad on their Facebook page