This Short Film Was Powered by Ford EVs

From BBDO Canada for Ford. They made a short film, "Mushroom", using the power from Ford EVs. Not a single Ford vehicle is shown in the film.

The shoot for the nearly seven-and-a-half-minute film was powered entirely by Ford Electrified Vehicles—on-set lightning effects and windstorms, hi-definition cameras, and even the production's coffee maker – if it needed a kilowatt, it was a Ford electric vehicle with available Pro Power Onboard™* that was ready to provide it.

"Mushroom" is directed by Danilo Parra (Soft Citizen), a filmmaker who has helmed commercial work for brands including Nordstrom and Apple, as well as videos for artists such as A$AP Rocky and Weezer.

Ford Canada wants to bring its ongoing efforts to be a leader in the fast-growing EV space into the light, and is using a captivating and highly distinctive film focused on something that grows in the dark to accomplish its goal.

Working with agency partner BBDO Canada and acclaimed director Danilo Parra—a Chilean American filmmaker who has helmed commercial work for brands including Nordstrom and Apple, as well as videos for artists such as A$AP Rocky and Weezer—the auto brand has created a short film called “Mushroom” that is airing on both Bell Media’s streaming service Crave, and YouTube.

No Ford vehicles are shown in the nearly seven-and-a-half-minute film, but the nighttime shoot was powered entirely by Ford Electrified Vehicles, including the F-150 Lightning® and two E-Transits. “It’s pretty liberating, allowing us to film wherever we want,” says Parra.

Using power from the F-150 Lightning and E-Transit, Ford was able to power the production—from coffee makers to lights, camera batteries and wind machines. The automaker is also running a “Making Of” film on Crave that shows how its vehicles powered the shoot.

Shot in a remote wooded location, “Mushroom” tells the story of a grizzled old forager who stumbles upon a one-of-a-kind Matsutake mushroom. Unfortunately, a younger, better-equipped forager has also discovered the prize, setting up a showdown between the two men as they wait for the giant mushroom to grow larger before harvesting it.

“The ability to plug in and power electric items from the F-150 Lightning® and E-Transit vehicles unlocks vast possibilities for what you can do with an electric vehicle and where you can do it,” says Gemma Giovinazzo, Director, Marketing Communications.

The Pro Power OnboardTM system allows F-150 Lightning® owners to use the vehicle as a portable power supply in places where access to electricity might be lacking or completely absent. From plugging in an amp and playing music, to setting up a TV and playing video games, or even powering a campsite, it provides owners with the ability to enjoy those experiences everywhere.

“To truly help showcase how Ford is a leader in electric vehicles and stand out from the competition we felt it was necessary to do something that had never been done before and electrify unexpectedly,” says Max Geraldo, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Canada.

Ford plans to produce more than 600,000 EVs globally by late 2023, growing to more than 2 million by 2026. Earlier this year, the company said that it has sourced approximately 70% of the necessary battery cell capacity necessary to support its targets.

Fun Facts: what was powdered

Powered from F150 (9.6KW) – 8000W approx needed

- 6x 800W “Joker” lights (4800W total) – 2 per 20 amp circuit

- 2x Creamsource Vortex lights (1300W total)

- 2x S60 lights (900W)

- 2x S30 lights (440W)

- 1x LED prop rope light (minimal draw)

- 2x E-fans(500W)

Powered by E-Transit #1 (2.4KW) – 1000W approx needed

- VTR (Video Tape Record) station/computer (minimal draw for laptop & monitors....200W)

- Director’s monitors/client monitor x2 (minimal output).....200W

- battery charging for home base battery (minimal draw).....100W

- DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) station/computer (minimal output for laptop & monitor).......200W

- Small batteries charging for Aperture lights, camera batteries (minimal draw).....200W

Powered by E-Transit #2 (2.4KW) – 2000W needed

- Craft service & coffee maker (800W + 1200W)

Other items (not requiring much power or on batteries)

- 2x battery powered 1200D Aputure lights (2400W) (batteries charged up at battery E-Transit #1 station)

- 2x battery powered 600D Aputure lights (1300W) (batteries charged up at battery E-Transit #1 station)

- 4K Home Base” batteries X2 for remote powering of home base. minimal draw (Needs constant charging/swapping out @ E-Transit #1)

2x Movie Quiet 10 portable batteries
4x battery powered LED work-lights 30W
3x battery powered Leaf blowers
8x Anton Buer camera block batteries (VVCLX)

Client: FORD

VP, Marketing & Sales: Jim Hartford

Director, Marketing Communications: Gemma Giovinazzo

Primary Brand Communications Manager: Kristina Webb

Vehicle Line Specialist Mach-E/Comm Vehicles: Logan Traynor

Vehicle Line Marketing Manager Mach-E/Comm Vehicles: Alexa Desjardins

Vehicle Line Marketing Specialist, F-150: Morris Chiang

Vehicle Line Marketing Specialist, F-150: Joseph Comacchio

Creative Agency: BBDO Canada

Chief Creative Officer: Max Geraldo

SVP, Exec Creative Director: Derek Blais

VP, Creative Director: Mike Schonberger

Sr Copywriter: Simon Craig

Sr Copywriter: Emma Quiroz

VP, Group Account Director: Justin Seegobin

Sr Account Director: Wes Dean

Account Executive: Aidan Bingham

SVP Integrated Production: Beatrice Bodogh

Producer: Nikki Drakul

Strategy Director: Aaron Arellano

Sr Project Manager: Michelle Rawlings

Directed by: Danilo Parra

Powered by Ford Electric Vehicles

Written by: Danilo Parra, Jamie Fraser


Veronica De Cecco

Technician, Mineralogy Research

Thomas Bolton as Old Timer

Aaron MacPherson as Young Hiker

Production Company: Soft Citizen

Executive Producer: Jaclyn Morga

Executive Producer: HOP Rob Burns

Executive Producer Riffraff Films: Matthew Clyde

Executive Producer Riffraff Films: Matthew Fone

Executive Producer Riffraff Films: Kate Brady

Editor: Danilo Parra

Score: Ben Brunnemer

Sound Mix: Dean White

Colorist: Patrick Devine

Assistant Editor: Kalil Haddad

VFX: Super Dave McGhie

VFX / Editorial: B2Y

VFX Supervisor: Dimitar Itskov

Producer: Bogomil Georgiev

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