Spoiler alert: The Super Bowl Ad Buy list 2016

Who is buying spots in the Super Bowl 2016? It will be known as the Super Bowl 50, as seen in the logo above, after some people expressed concerns that the roman numeral system would no longer work now that we've reached a sole "L". Here's the list so far, expect many updates closer to gameday! As always we will have every ad in the Super Bowl commercial archive here on Adland, still the largest collection of super bowl ads in the world. Research partner to the NYT (see press), though we selected other favourite ads, and have a totally different list of the worst super bowl ads of all time. We have commercials here that you can't find elsewhere, such as just for feet, Michelob "Gimme", and Gillette techmatic adjustable which is probably their best ad ever. Spotting celebrities in super bowl ads before they were famous is always fun.

Acura (American Honda)
Time: 60 spot in the first quarter.
Previous super bowl appearance: Acura "Transactions" 2012
Agency: Mullen Lowe
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Time: To Be determined
Twist: Expect Shock Top wheat beer marking its big game debut.
Previous super bowl appearance: Too many to count, last year there were puppies!
Agencies: Anomaly for Budweiser and Wieden & Kennedy for Bud Light.
Avocados from Mexico
Time: One 30-second spot after kickoff.
Previous Super Bowl appearance: Mexico first draft ever in 2015
Agency: GSD&M & Havas

Time: To be determined
No official word yet on who is making the Coca Cola ads this year, but we expect to see a few during the game as usual. The message of anti-internet harassment & share the love that they sent out last year with #Makeithappy was riding the trend of cyber bullying as a hot topic which has exploded in the year since. Coke's 360° campaign was immediately derailed due to Gawker trapping the twitter account into tweeting Mein Kampf, then doubled down on their Coke-prank, while missing the irony. Gawker was the bullies Coke told you about in this ad.

Doritos (PepsiCo's Frito-Lay)
Time: There will be only one "Crash the super bowl" ad this year, instead of two, thank goodness because we're all fed up with this thing. We usually end up with groin kicks , random violence and animal tricks, just with piss poor production values. To remind you that some fun can be had despite itself, here's an old one from 2008 where unexpected is key to the funny.
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Hyundai Motor America
Time : 1 30 second in the first quarter and one in the second quarter. There was also be a 60 in the kickoff show.
Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide
Intuit - once again back with their own version of "crash the super bowl" where Intuit rewards small businesses with a three million dollar ad instead of advertising for themselves. They famously chose Goldieblox to represent them in 2014, despite their douchebag vs disruptive fight for the right to infringe on Beastie Boys music. The finalists this year are San Francisco shorts marketer Chubbies Shorts, Round Lake, N.Y.'s Death Wish Coffee Company and a five-and-dime store in East Aurora, N.Y., called Vidler's 5 & 10.
Time: One 30-second spot
Agency: RPA, Santa Monica
Kia - Hamsters? Maybe not - last year they had Pierce Brosnan, lets hope for the best, shall we?
Time: A 60-second spot in the third quarter
Agency: David&Goliath

Mtn Dew (PepsiCo) - Oh my goodness! We haven't seen original Mt Dew since 2000, when Cheetah and Bohemian Rhapsody amused us. Last years success with the Kickstar drink must have made PepsiCo dare to return for another round. Expect more odd dancing feets & fun like last year.
Time: 30 seconds TDB
Agency: BBDO

PayPal - their first appearance on the super bowl.
Time: Paypal has invested in one 45-second commercial, first quarter. Expect something big as this is their super bowl debut. It will be about the future of money. Greg Fisher, VP-global brand marketing, PayPal has explained:

"This ad is more than a commercial - it's our opportunity to introduce the world to PayPal's vision for the future of money - to empower people and businesses to move and manage money securely, efficiently and affordably. The launch of this ad is just the beginning of our new brand campaign designed to start a larger conversation about a reimagined financial world that must include everyone."

Agency: CP&B L.A.

Pepsi-Cola (PepsiCo) - just like last year they're getting into both the ads, the game, and the half-time.
Time: One in-game ad plus halftime sponsorship

Skittles (Mars Inc.) while Mars is an official NFL sponsor, the Skittles brand was seen last year trying to get "settle it the usual way" to become an expression as stuck to pop culture as "where's the beef" once was (it even had a hit single!. No word yet on what they're planning this year.
Time: TBD
Agency: DDB, Chicago

Snickers (Mars Inc.) - we all know that you're not you when you're hungry by now, so the question is only who are they going to use this time. Last year they had a rather successful twist to the idea by placing it in the universe of the Brady bunch.
Time: a 30-second ad TBD
Agency: BBDO, New York

Squarespace Third times the charm? In 2014 Squarespace showed us that their platform could save us from an ugly internet, and in 2015 they hired Jeff Bridges. Lets see what they'll do now.
Time: 30 seconds TBD
Agency: Anomaly

Weather Tech - they opened pretty strong with a quirky ad based on a singular insight about their company which resonated very well with Americans at the time, then they watered that away with a very ho-hum ad called "America at work" in 2015. Lets hope they find their creative streak as well as their all American rah rah this time around.
Time: 30-second TBD
Agency: Pinnacle Advertising in Schaumburg, Ill.

LG - RSA Films with Jake Scott as director have been announced as slated to create work for LG's OLED technology TV announced here.
Time: TBD
Agency: Not announced

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