Spring Break In The Great White North

Ahhh.... Spring Break. The words evoke seductive images of sizzling sand, sun, skin and social disease. So what better way to promote MTV's Spring Break programming than to feature those who would most appreciate it!?

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From the release:

Post Millenium's Benjamin Williams has edited 3 outrageous and funny spots for MTV and their "Spring Break '05" campaign for director Roddy Scott.

Roddy Scott, the writer/director from MTV, had this to say;

Don't let all of the 2-ton ice columns or the 5-foot thick snow walls fool you. The Ice Hotel was not warm. Just ask the half-naked French Canadian models we cast to sit still, or the union lawyers they've hired to sue me.

The Ice Hotel, just west of Québec City, Québec, is an amazing place to work. Although, I think my supervisers were a bit confused when I pitched it as a location to shoot promos for MTV's Spring Break. The idea for the spots was derived from my memories of watching "Spring Break" while I was a student at the University of Vermont where it's usually chilling cold during this time of year. I never had enough money to go anywhere warm so I'd resentfully watch MTV and secretly wish that I were there. I can only imagine how Inuit teenagers in Igloolik, Nunavut feel, because they live in houses made of ice. Truth is they don't, but if they did, the Ice Hotel would be the most "pimped-out" igloo in the land. I had hoped these promos would be funny, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to turn out looking as nice as they do, which is a testament to the extraordinary work of the DP, Ericson Core, the flawless cuts of the editor, Ben Williams at Post Millennium, and the tireless dedication of the producer, Jerelyn Orlandi.

The three spots in this campaign all revolve around the theme of how MTV is corrupting the young of the world by tempting them with images of their coverage of 'Spring Break', even in the Great White North!

In 'Tongue Kissing' (SuperAdGrunts only), a young Eskimo girl is watching TV and talking to a sled dog, complaining how 'passé' nose kissing is in Eskimo culture. As she watches a steamy embrace scene, she starts to daydream and fantasize that she is actually sitting next to a gorgeous and scantily clad man, whom she immediately starts to make out with. This is when her father bursts into the room to see her tongue-kissing the sled dog and her daydream shatters - in true 'your parants wouldn't like it' - MTV style,

In 'Not Cool' (SuperAdGrunts), a young Eskimo boy is seen carving his very own female ice sculpture. As he stops to admire his work, he starts to have a conversation with the sculpture, involving lots of flirtation, silly voices and a thermos of hot chocolate. Hilarity ensues as he tries to kiss her and gets his tongue stuck. That is when his father who can only assume the worst discovers him and he walks out clearly horrified at his offspring's weird behavior. Definitely not cool!

In 'Make You Blind' (SuperAdGrunts), we see a young man complaining about the great white North to his pet Lynx, whilst watching MTV. While petting this beautiful creature he starts to drift off into a daydream that he is actually massaging a gorgeous model, clad only in the briefest of fur accessories. His reverie is interrupted when his outraged father who blames MTV, is saying that watching it will make him go blind, catches him in the act.

MTV: Don't be ashamed, everyone watches it.

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When I hear "The ice Hotel" I think of the one in my hometown , Jukkasj