Sweden's banks get together to teach you how to be "hard to fool" - Svårlurad.

Sweden's banks have come out with an information campaign called "Svårlurad" - which means "hard to fool".
The purpose is to draw attention to the risks of fraud and spread knowledge about how to act if a fraudster calls or if you receive a fraudulent text message. Sweden's banks and the Swedish Bank Association are behind the campaign.

Fraud through social manipulation is a major societal problem that affects people of all ages. Organized criminal networks are often behind the crimes, which in many cases target people who are older. To combat this crime, several measures are needed, one of which is to strengthen bank customers through information and knowledge.

A brochure in English explains how to get smart

The information campaign Svårlurad is a continuation of the previous campaign that was launched last spring, and focuses on telephone and SMS fraud. The goal is for as many people as possible to be fooled.

- We have seen that SMS fraud has increased significantly. In this autumn's campaign, we have therefore added tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones against SMS fraud, says Hans Lindberg, CEO of the Swedish Bank Association.

The campaign will be seen on TV, digital and social channels as well as on billboards around the country. The banks will, among other things, draw attention to the campaign on their websites and in social media. There is also a website, svärlurad.se, with information.

- The most important message is that you should be vigilant if you receive an unexpected phone call or text message. Do not use your BankID or your security box at someone else's request. Contact your bank immediately if you have or suspect that you have been the victim of fraud, says Hans Lindberg.

A slight pun hides in the tag, "Det är lätt att bli svårlurad" - It's easy to become hard to fool. Which makes it stick.

The campaign will also run OOH, that suggests people visit Svårlurad.se to learn how to protect themselves.

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