Total Beverage gets a Total Rehaul created by Suckle

Total Beverage is a super-huge, enormous, gigantic, really really big liquor store in Westminister Colorado.

Denver-based Sukle Advertising & Design has created a fresh new identity for Total Beverage that is the total opposite of cluttered booze shops.

Inspired by the simplicity of European road signs and informational graphics Sukle brought order to a store large enough to contain all sorts of chaos. (Did I mention that the store is, like, big?)

And here's their new fancy shopping cart. Look at the wheels! How cute is that?

Attention to detail - check, hells yes! I'm giving ten points extra just for these wheels.

The total beverage stores are so large that arrows pointing to "France" and "Italy" actually feel like they're really pointing to France way over there and Italy over here.
Still, with their consistent color scheme and smooth arrows, the result is easy to navigate without distracting from the brand bottles of choice booze the customer might be looking for. A bit like the way sexy libraries are designed, they don't overwhelm you, but they do make it very easy to find that book you want in rows and rows and rows of other books. Look at the somber black walls over by the fridge, this is in sharp contrast to those mom and pop stores that thrive on clutter, "sale" signs, starbursts, and horrible beer-brand point of sale material from decades ago - you know the kind, the ones with hot girls all over it.
Oh, they still make those?
Anyway, as you can see here you can quite easily spot your beer brand in that fridge even from where the photographer is standing.
All of this simplicity is perfectly summed up in the new logotype. The "A" is turned upside down to become a glass half full of.. in my case, Bishop's finger. Wait, half full? This means I'm running low, oh noes, guard my beer I'm going on a beer-run! *door slam, scooter tires screeching*

PS - Sukle is in the North American agencies section of the ad links. Is your agency there?


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alex's picture

Come on - spit it out. Do you like it, or not? ;)
I think it's great - love that green. Incidentally, what do you call that green?

Dabitch's picture

I dunno but it's YUMMY!

alex's picture

Yummy Green it is. Not sure if it would go with the hair though.

Imanaddy's picture

Nice job. I really like the logotype. Very Gill.

adlib's picture

She likes it. Dabitchey likes it!

caffeinegoddess's picture

Very nice. I like that shade of green - seems to be kind of trendy lately. Love the upside-down, full glass "A".

Plywood's picture

The green is a bit pukey for me.

I love the upside down A looking like a glass o' booze but I find it a wee bit subtle - will regular people notice?

aby902's picture

I like it all! It appeals to the left side of my brain, it makes sense. The left side likes it because it is definitely different from any other liqour store I've seen.

Dabitch's picture

Daniel, are you gonna try that comment-like-a-madman-for-upgrade shit again?

aby902's picture

Not at all. I really enjoy the site.
I only really wanted the NFL ad from this superbowl with Chester Pitts, that's why I did that.

Dabitch's picture

Right. Well yes that's why that account (and the two IP#'s you used with it) got banned. You drove the spamfilter insane, and that is an automagick result of that. Be nice, mmmkay?

kurtberengeiger's picture

That "A" is cool.
That such a little thing can make such a BIG difference...

areia's picture

God is in the details. Really nice work Sukle. (Never heard of these guys. Guess we better watch out for them.)

kamari's picture


Dabitch's picture

Lord no, that was hell to maintain. I have another idea though.