Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense thanks Sweden for weapons with patriotic ABBA & IKEA video. All it lacks is meatballs.

An interesting thing about war, is the commercial arts and propaganda produced during it. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense have some really good music and video editors onboard, as they always seem to churn out spiffy little films like this to thank Sweden for weapons. Let the ABBA and IKEA jokes flow! It's quite a bonus that our flag colors match too.

Last year, they thanked Sweden for their "investment" in Ukraine, showing many bad investors and investments including Bitcoin, and comparing it to Sweden's Carl-Gustav rocket launchers. The rocket launcher, named after King Carl Gustav is but one of the world-class war weapons Sweden, which is never at war, produces. Don't ask me to explain how a 'neutral' country can simultaneously serve at war countries with weapons and remain neutral, it's PR-voodoo to me. Anyway, since the rocket launcher is named after the King, he got to be the star of the propaganda ad, and one silly photo of his majesty with Putin seals it.

Will Russia's various official and unofficial teams of propaganda experts respond? They're not bad at making viral videos themselves, using mainly stock video, as I noted here last year. If Sweden isn't careful, they might make more posters torturing our dear Pippi Långstrump again.

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