Vroom - Flake the Musical - (2022) :30 (USA)

A lady dances across the street, so delighted that she has finally sold her car, that the scene spontaneously turns into a musical dance number. "Was the buyer nice?" "We'll, we haggled over price..." they sing and the bright color and bombastic dance is now giving me PTSD flashbacks to horrible dancing car commercials of yore. Like that terrible 2013 Toyota Corolla advert with the phoned in techno music. I'm getting claustrophobic with all these brightly colored happy dancing people now. Gah!  Well see, that's the whole point. Selling your car is never easy, except on Vroom.

I like these ads, the concept is a classic "us vs them", pitching Vroom as the better which is an old strategy, but they've had fun with it as the executions are always over the top, and good looking. The one thing that always bothers me though, is that these people are living in three million dollar craftsmen homes in California somewhere, yet they're still in their mid-twenties. Not bloody likely, mate. 

Ad agency: Anomaly

Choreographer: Mandy Moore

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OMG it is as if they made a parody of that horrible Toyota ad.