Trademark battle between m&m & Marabou - m&m's not "banned" in Sweden just the lower case "m"

Simplified headlines attract clicks, so most of the planet have been spreading the news today that m&m's have been "banned" in Sweden. That's not quite what's going on, m&m have simply lost the right to advertise their button drop chocolates with the lower case "m" logo on them.


CP+ B London has some Brexit thoughts they want to share

Hey Londoners: Game of Thrones is a great show and all, and every time it happens if you missed it then you probably heard that something cray cray happened. Well guess what?


Ogilvy Vets Tommy Henvey and Patti McConnell Launch Something Different

Seeking to provide brands with an alternative to the traditional agency model, former Ogilvy & Mather Executive Creative Director Tommy Henvey and Executive Producer Patti McConnell have launched Something Different.


WAX Welcomes Award-Winning Editor Georgia Dodson

New York-based boutique editorial company and creative collective WAX proudly announces the latest addition to their roster, accomplished editor Georgia Dodson.


Bullitt Signs Directors Peyton Reed & Loni Peristere To Growing Roster

Production company Bullitt has expanded its roster with the addition of directors Peyton Reed and Loni Peristere.


Associated Press creates native advertising dept - move over and share the pie ad agencies.

The Associated Press joins the Turner Network and their news arm CNN with native ad


Minima gives Good Food a refresh

Good Food has been delivering products internationally for 25 years.


Daniel Brown is a Troublemaker

Daniel Brown is a director, writer, and storyteller. He has cultivated an eclectic approach, drawing inspiration from film and music to literature and design. Daniel has a way of bending reality, indulging it with bits of fantasy and reverie.


McDonald's hacks its hamburger menu for a good cause

National Hamburger Day is tomorrow, May 28th. McDonald’s Canada is celebrating by “hacking” the digital hamburger button, on websites.


Where no man's gone before--Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience

Here's a really fun immersive campaign for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.