Google launches Ingress - and you are their digital serf (while playing a great AR game)

Awesome news guys, Google Launches Ingress, a Worldwide Mobile Alternate Reality Game, and we can all join in with our smartphones. With your phone in hand “you’re like a rat in a maze on the phone” as Hanek said to allthigsD, but when you get home to your computer you can have a larger view of the game map.


Weavesilk: warning, it will eat up most of your day

We used to do Friday Flash fun when exciting flash games and nifty sites appeared. Nevermind that it is Tuesday, it's time to point you to Weavesilk, where every move you make is mirrored and the music is a nod to Eno's airports.

Warning, don't do this if deadline is nigh. Before you know it, an hour has passed.


Why doesn't MTV show music videos anymore?

The old question "why doesn't MTV show music videos anymore?" gets one rantalicious hilarious response in "Ask a Network Head" (which honestly should be a real show, gosh darnit). The response? "That question is literally old enough to drive a car!" rants the MTV exec while pointing out that "the generation that steals music, is the generation that complains MTV doesn't show music anymore". Ooooh, burn.

However, it fails to answer another age old question ... "If MTV isn't about music anymore, why do they continue to identify themselves as Music Television?"


Ad trap: The wee box that can kill every online ad - if you sponsor it

Here's the Kickstarter idea that might kill the internet: AdTrap "and the internet is yours again" needs to raise $150,000 in order to launch into full production. They have managed to make a simple device that, once plugged into your router, effectively removes ads from the web pages, games and film clips you watch online. Be it with your laptop or iPad. They went straight to hardware to solve the ad-blocking issue specifically to be able to block ads from all devices logged on, as software blocks is only applicable to the computer, or even the browser it is installed on.


Windows 8 has an easter egg consumers might hate: Advertising space in the OS

Owen at Owened has taken a few screendumps of Windows 8, and shows that there's ads within the operating system. Yep, the OS itself is now an advertising media. The OS you (we hope) bought and paid for. The ads are in the apps Microsoft explained at Advertising week 2012, and ad execs are loving the idea. Why not, within a personal computer, the ads (in the apps) might be able to get a little more personal......


Red Cross profile pic campaign will break your avatar apart and put it back together again

If you donate some money to the Red Cross via, they'll take over your profile pic. First it will break your avatar apart, and you'll look a right mess on twitter, as if humpty dumpty had a great fall. No worries, Red Cross will soon put it back together again. As they do.


The Last Debate : Make Romney or Obama say anything you want on twitter

At The Last Debate you can tweet words in the POTUS mouth. If you tag it #speakRomney, the tweet will appear to come from Mitt Romney on the site. Tag it #Speakobama and resident prez Obama seems to speak it. It's already filled, unsurprisingly, with countless tweets of Obama calling Romney his bitch, and other equally childish pointless tweets. Created by the German digital agency Synamics, the idea seems to be to have people bring up topics close to their heart, but the result (since it's not filtered) will be just a lot of cussing. Stefan Jasper from German Synamics worked on the idea with the Swedish digital creatives who know where to find the twitter API, Christoffer Åhlén and Philip Hovensjö.


Evian's app makes music from your twitter timeline

Wow, everyone is playing with twitter and music these days it seems. Perhaps annoyed by the constant standard beep in tweetdeck, Ad agency Ned Ludd in Paris created this android & ipad app that turns tweets into drops falling down on your screen. You can blame this thing for my lack of updates today, I was having too much fun. Drag and drop some objects from the left panel onto the main scene of the app, and each time a tweet will touch one of them, you'll hear a little sound. Now you can make music with your tweets. The Evian bit? Stay young - and you are if you keep playing with everything like an ADD kidlet.

Download the app here.


Facebook's promoted posts: "Give us money or only 15% of your friends see your stuff"

POP QUIZ HOTSHOT - Do you want to build someone elses social network, have your data (and info patterns) sold to advertisers, and have to pay to promote your posts so that your pals can see your latest sarcastic update? Have I got the facebook for you. Act now and I'll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge.


JFK Presidential Library Launches Interactive Documentary Marking 50th Anniversary of Cuban Missile Crisis

Boston, MA – October 16, 2012 – The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum today announced the launch of an interactive multimedia documentary marking the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Narrated by Matthew Modine,, will go live at 8am EST on Tuesday, October 16 – exactly 50 years after Soviet missiles were discovered in Cuba – allowing audiences around the world to experience an immersive documentary that depicts the full story of the crisis in riveting detail, while also offering a thought-provoking, fictional “what if” scenario to this tense standoff.