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This is where adland collects our fifteen megabytes of fame. If you want to check out and contact the crew, do so under that link.
Press can be quoting us, using us as reference, or simply interviewing us. Adland was founded Åsk Dabitch Wäppling back in 1996. It began as a passion project, collecting recent ad campaigns, pairing up badland ads and as an outlet to adrant on recent happenings in the ad industry. As it grew, with a discussion mailing list and much mail generated daily, it became a database-driven website collecting great (and not so great) ads serving many caustic comments and editorials on the advertising industry. Some called it a blog, but we do not. The site has been used as resource or quoted by the New York Times (USA), Adweek (USA), Marketing Mag (Canada), the Library of Congress, Spiegel (DE), CNN Money (USA), Media Guardian (UK), Resumé (SE), Adformatie (NL), Campaign magazine (UK), Creativity (USA), Svenska Dagbladet (SE), Dagens Industri (SE), Brand Equity (IN), Børsen (DK) and many many more.
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Telegraph: Laddish Lynx has gone transgender – but is Mainstream Man ready?

The Telegraph wrote about the new Lynx campaign: "Laddish Lynx has gone transgender – but is Mainstream Man ready?" calling it a "spectacular branding U-turn".


The Drum: Adland calls out Ad Age on Twitter over 'sexism' in the industry

Scrolling through twitter for headlines I suddenly saw one that seemed to say that we at Adland are sexist. I shot off a response to @Adage, the trade publication that consistently use our trademarked name in headlines instead of the term "ad industry".


AMA's Marketinginsights - "A Marketer’s Guide to the Dark Web"

There's a good article over at American Marketing Associations "Marketinginginsights" magazine, called "A Marketer’s Guide to the Dark Web" where Zach Brooke explores the dark web, bitcoin, a


BrandEquity: If she's crying, she's buying: Are brands manipulating female consumers?

Brand Equity did an excellent digging on the topic of Femvertising in: If she's crying, she's buying: Are brands manipulating female consumers?


Featured in "Innovation & Kommunikation" Resumé

Resumé; the leading advertising and media trade press from Bonnier media in Sweden has a special newsletter called Innovation&Kommunikation that goes more in depth on trends, you can subscribe to it here.


Independent: "Can media make it on the darkside?"

The Ireland Independent asks Can media make it on the darkside? when discussing the dark net with Jamie Bartlett. In that article, Adland gets a mention as well as ProPublica.


The Drum: "Adland goes dark (web)"

Witty headline from The Drum, Media Brand of the year 2015. Congratulations, The Drum.


"Ad-tired ad-pros led to ad-site on the dark web" Medievärlden

The headline works far better in Swedish but it was amusing to translate it just to repeat "ad-" thrice in the title here.


Top 10 Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now - has added us to the list Top 10 Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now, with these kind words:


1 is Adland : "8 Blogs Every Media Professional Should Follow"

I just spotted that we were mentioned, in a very nice way, over at MediaBistro in the article 8 blogs every media professional should follow. Very cool.