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And Adland is back!

Sorry about the blackout folks, Adland's server has moved from one physical location to another with the rest of the big machines hosted by Memset last night - and I forgot to put up a post to warn you that we'd be offline during the night (for us). Just as we were getting ready to move, US traffic decided to march on in, so I'm sure a few of you wondered where the heck the site went. No matter what time I'd choose someone would see a blank nothing instead of the site - but at least I had a good nights sleep. ;)


It's Sunday, which means I'm cleaning.

I've done six loads of laundry, scrubbed the bathroom sparkling clean, tried to redecorate the bedroom with awesome gold wallpaper and now I'm re-indexing the website. So if you can't find anything at all using the image search, the commercials only search or the default site search right now, it's because the site has had it's memory erased by me.

It'll gradually re-remember everything over the next hour as it spiders itself. Meanwhile google search might help - or just browse the topics. Sorry about the inconvenience guys, and could you move your feet a little? I need to vacuum there. *huuuuooooooooooooooooooom-CLANK-Pitz-uuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooom* Shoot, was that an earring?


Re-ordering the Super Bowl commercials in the archive - by your vote!

Hey kids. Since we're gearing up to watch yet another super bowl only for the commercials, I thought I'd do a little re-arranging in our 35 years of super bowl commercials namely making the ads sort by highest voted first.

You can now see the "best of" according to logged in adgrunts on each year. For example, this is the 2005 superbowl commercials, the 2002 superbowl commercials and the 1969 superbowl commercials listed by highest vote first.

Of course, this is also a sneaky way for me to get you guys to vote a little. ;9 Since some years - for example 2000 superbowl commercials, 1997 superbowl commercials and 1994 superbowl commercials have very few votes so one single vote can still make all the difference. Won't you make sure that your favorites are on top? :)


Top ten most common mistakes PR agencies do when sending us press releases.

Sometimes I wonder, how do some PR agencies get paid for being so... Well, lets face it, bad. No no, I'm not saying that all of you PRgrunts are terrible, we have some good connections with some of you and look forward to your mails. But some others are really lost. Here's a list of the most common mistakes - perhaps some PR newbies might learn from this. If you wish to send things to us, don't make these mistakes.


Bloglines readers - you might want to fix this feed.

Hi Folks. This is a silly announcement. The bloglines feed readers of Adland are all over the map thanks to our toxic mix containing one part main URL switching (from to and shift from one CMS system to another, and old feed URL's still redirecting to new feed locations. It never bothered me since readers were still getting their reads, until I spotted that the biggest Bloglines subscriber base is on one of our feeds which isn't from our domain at all, instead it's the The Coral Content Distribution Network which has a cached version of our feed that is very popular at Bloglines. Oh dear.

So here's to you Bloglines readers. Linkies just for you - if you have a spare moment could you subscribe to our feed instead of that cache? Try the full enchilada feed which is everything published here at all times, or the commercials only feed if that's your poison, or the Badland feed if you're addicted to the twin ad phenomena.. Or if you prefer just the adland feed sans Badland and sans commercials.

(for non bloglines peeps, the feeds are The full enchilada, Commercial feed only, Badland feed only and Adland feed only)


Image searching is back! Search for commercials by screendump!

See that box in the upper right corner kids? Yes, in it there are links - one to search all of Adland (except the forums) and get results returned with images. And the other one is even better, search the commercial archive only with only images, date and name of post returned. Yesss!

I'll probably be making more clever ways of digging around the archive now that I've gotten the hang of it, so keep an eye on that box in the upper right as that's where all the new toys will go. There ya go kids. Avec plaisir, s'amuser! yeah yeah, I still don't know French


11-21-2007 Hawthorne Videoactive Report : Adland talks advertising films.

The "nifty little list" they speak of is my post here; Miss Mad Men? Get your ad-movie fix here 11 advertising movies reviewed.


Adland's Commercial-Archive now has over 40,000 commercials.

Bragtime! At last count we had 41497 quicktime commercials in total, so it's high time to hang up the brag-sign here. Adland's Commercial Archive, including the superbowl commercial archive now has over fourty thousand ads in it. Yikes! No wonder I keep having to get bigger servers, aye?

You can browse the archives by month and year or use the advanced search to find all commercials for "bud", for example. Just change the "bud" in that URL to what you want to search instead.
OR search commercials only WITH images via this link - no advanced options there.


Dear PR people: Mass mailings don't reach the editors

Bear with me adgrunts, as this is the best place to alert PR people to this, fast. Yes, I'm assuming that someone reads the pages they email. We have a contact email - hostmaster at adland dot tv - where we get all the news tips, press releases and other stuff sent to. These emails are then automagically forwarded to everyone here. But only if the "To:" line in the email has the above mentioned email address in it.

See, a lot of spam is "To:" someone else. A lot of mass-mailing is "To:" another addy as well.
As it turns out, a lot of PR people create a mailing list which then makes the "To:" field reflect the senders (their own) address. In all of these cases the email gets stuck on the server and it may take weeks before we see it.

Remedy: want to contact us, create an email, put our address in the "To:" field, and send. It's pretty easy, really. Do not mass email press releases to us as we simply won't see it.


Adgrunts, reccommend books & films to each other.

It's been brought to my attention that I missed more than one film in my eleven advertising films quick review, which kind of figures since I haven't seen every film out there yet. This seems to an ideal time to open up the postings of book recommendations to all adgrunts and reward you who review anything with 20 brownie points each time. It doesn't matter if you loved it or hated it - you can rate the film/book as well, in fact you might save us some money if you thought it was terrible! With the holidays coming up, lets help each other out here with gift-ideas! Inside is how to do it.