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Before they were famous - they were in Super Bowl commercials.

One of the fun things about the the worlds largest super bowl commercials archive is fame-spotting. Here's ten super bowl ads with actors before they were famous.

Before he was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, or the shark-jumping Fonzie, Henry Winkler played a son in a family where shaving was such big topic, he brings his razor home when he visits the folks. Ah, the naive ad-scripts of the seventies, even the comic relief line is so old it has whiskers. How appropriate! But wait, there's more! The mother is none other than Frances Sternhagen, a character actress with a long resumé. You might know her as John Carter's grandmother in ER.

From the 1973 super bowl VII commercials.


Super bowl XLIV commercials, what went wrong this year?

Ok, I've come down from my sugar-high caused by way too many soda pops and candy bars that kept me chugging through, staying awake from Sunday morning to late Monday night. It's not a good state to watch and try to judge the ads in, so I'd like to thank a whole bunch of people too numerous to mention, among them DDB, TBWA, FLO TV rep Edelman, Teleflora, Lynch Communications and Medialink Worldwide for sending their ads in early to help the process along here. Y'all rock and you know it. The 2010 super bowl XLIV commercials in the collection.

I always come down pretty hard, blaming my negative reactions to lack of sleep, but overall I think this bowl was sub-par. So sub-par I almost instated a "roll-eye rating" for each ad, that's how often I caught myself rolling my eyes.

Now that I have caught some shuteye, I figured out what really bugged me with the ads. The See more online. What is this, the "AOL keyword" of the tens? Why are you telling me to see more online when you have my attention on TV? In the future, I'm sure we'll be able to click links in TV-ads, but we're not quite there yet, so hows about you TV advertisers use the TV-medium to tell us what is it you want us to know? Vizio seems busy putting the internet on TV so I guess I can see more online, on my TV soon.


Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter:
Vizio - :60 spot by Venables, Bell & Partners, SF directed by Wally Pfister and features Beyonce Knowles-Carter.
Review: @caff ok, so this spot totally went off on the whole internet swip-age but, it makes sense for the brand (unlike other SB ads of the night).
@dabitch: UuuuGhhh, if I see Tay Zonday & the numa numa guy again in an ad I'll scream. I like robots tho. Even robot arms.


Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Third Quarter

Third Quarter:
Walt Disney Pictures - :30 by in-house for Prince of Persia

Motorola - :30 by new roster agency Anomaly featuring Megan Fox and new Motoblur phone.
Review: @caff Stupid. But whatever. I thought Megan Fox was so last year. Then again, I'm not the demo.
@Dabitch I am. I TOTALLY want a phone that can take wide-angle full figure X-ray through bubbles and bathtub pictures at only arms length, and send them to all my pals just by me *thinking* that I will. That's not what it does though, is it?


Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Second Quarter

Round two, coming at ya.

Second Quarter:
Budweiser - :60 entitled "Bridge" directed by Paul Middleditch of aWHITELABELproduct for DDB Chicago, with post/VFX from The Mill NY and music out of Elias Arts.
Review: @caff A human bridge? C'mon. Sure that would work. Who needs reality in a Super Bowl ad? Feels like Bud and Bud Light is trying too hard this year.
@Dabitch seriously? That's the funniest script they could think of? Do I need to be drunk on Bud to get it?


Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - First Quarter

Here we go! That's right. It's game on for the in-game ads. Let's hope we see some winners tonight in the Ad Bowl. If only it's as epic as the Super Bowl intro with Jay-Z. Maybe next year they'll give a trophy to the best ad as well. ;) Based on what we've seen so far, maybe we need to call it the Trite Bowl. (ads will be filled in as we post them)

First Quarter:
Bud Light - :30 sec - Dude builds a whole house out of beer cans.
Review: @caff Typical Bud Light spot. Not very funny, it's like they tried too hard to be funny and failed.
@Dabitch yeah, it's very Bud Light. Like the beer, leaves no residue.


The Super Bowl Cheat Sheet: which ad airs when

First, we have not received confirmation yet from Google as to whether they are running Parisian Love in the super bowl, third quarter. It's this years dark horse rumor, due to this tweet from Eric Schmidt maybe it will, maybe it won't. Not a bombastic ad by any means, but it's a nice one, however it does break the superbowlian tradition since it's been aired before. Second the spoiler post hasn't been updated since Friday but if you want to read more about each ad, that's the place to be. This is simply a cheat-sheet, with links to the ads we have already published.

See, for your bathroom planning, I decided to make a cheat sheet in order of who airs their ad when, and how long each ad is so you don't miss a sixty. Inside. The only set order is which quarter they air in, we don't know the order within that.


An open letter to my beloved advertising industry regarding Super Bowl ads.....

Adland's own Claymore has posted An open letter to my beloved advertising industry. regarding the super bowl commercials.

We totally back him on this - but don't let this stop all you agencies from sending us the ads early. ;) Now that you know where we stand I won't have to do that scouts honor swearing regarding embargoes every time you ask me to. I look so silly in my cub scout* uniform.


Dammit Cliff Freeman, we miss you - the Super Bowl ad career of CF&P

Cliff Freeman and partners had a special brand of funny. They were the creators of where's the beef and this little advertising in-joke known as "The pitch", they made us believe that anyone who didn't eat toasted subs was raised by wolves, they created a string of funny Little Caesars ads, and they made us laugh during the super bowl. This year, there won't be a Cliff Freeman ad during the bowl. The sudden closing of America's funniest advertising agency seems to spell the death of the thirty second spot.

I thought it apropos to make a restospective, and when I had him on the line I asked Cliff Freeman: What's with all the radios? Your office wall was/is covered with retro radios. Of course, that too turns into a reason to smile as Cliff Freeman responded: I never got new business from shots like that but I did get a lot of people wanting to sell me old radios.

Without further ado - the Cliff Freeman Super bowl commercial career, a retrospective. (Like, inside, after the jump y'all)


Audi's "Green Police" Super Bowl XLIV ad airs in the 4th quarter. Adnerds, don't miss.

If you have been paying attention to Caff's übergeeky list Super Bowl XLIV Ads *Spoiler Alert* (so updated that we had to post it twice), you know when you should be heading to the bathroom for maximum game and great ad ratio.

This is just your friendly heads up to not go for the big flush in 4th Quarter, because that's when Audi's ad is on and I think you'll enjoy it. I must admit, I had my doubts, I mean Venables, Bell & Partners dug up Cheap Trick for the music, and the "Green Police" has made more than one person associate it straight to the Nazi-helpers Ordnungspolizei which is now making its rounds across the web. And when viewing the social media effort you might even think they'll air something like that, making for another Gatorade dog drinking moment "huh?" during the bowl. But no, it all comes together - and they have an ant eater* in the ad, so they might even take home the top honor in the unofficial "weirdest animal in a super bowl ad"-game we play while we watch.

* At least I think that's an ant eater on a leash. Whatever it is, it cracks me up.