2009 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial (2009) 14:11 (USA)

We rarely posts infomercials here but some true gems need to be preserved for future ad-generations. This is one of them. I'm mesmerized, as DJ Clay and Sugar Slam host this informercial in all earnestness, saying things like 'motherfucking' in the most robotic way - Stephen Hawkings sounds more human -and using the special slang juggalos are known for ie: watch as ICP spray faygo all over. There will be free BBQ! First Aid stations! Showers! Stilt walkers! Helicopter rides! Seminars! No, wait did you say seminars?

Hey ICP, you got your wresting infomercial in my country fair infomercial. The result is so close to parody, SNL should really take notes.

Created by: PsychopathicVideo