Actimel - A friendly drink - (2007) :30 (Israel)

Imagine advertising the most functional drink in the world.

Then imagine giving it a soul. This is what we did in this piece of work.

As you may know, Actimel is a probiotic drink and until recently, it was the only probiotic drink on the Israeli market.

That is, until its most vicious competitor decided it wanted a piece of the action as well.

What came next can be expected: A full fledge war on what is our client's most lucrative category.

To beat off our competitors, we needed a response that would not so much appeal to consumers' ratio as to their feelings for the brand.

And this is exactly what we did. Hope you enjoy watching!

The credit for this work goes to: Gideon Amichay, Yoram Levy, Nadav Pressman and Tani Zipper from Y&R Israel

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Cute animation. Silly product.

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Probiotic warfare! I can't wait to see how the nasty competiton respond.

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No wait, THIS is probiotic warfare! Verum "bootcamp"

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yeah - saw this commercial - great piece of warfare!!