Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth. What for? To bring home the point that they have really low prices. Oh dear.

Using the codename 'Expedition 147', Alfa Romeo dives to the lowest point on earth - 11000 meters below sea level - to promote the lowest price ever to be advertised for an Alfa Romeo.

• Campaign website: http://www.expedition147.be

Sheesh, how low can you go in advertising?

Alfa Romeo Belgium explains how the expedition got through: "a while ago we decided to put up a campaign for the 147-model. We wanted to re-introduce the car at the annual carfair in Brussels. The car would be advertised at the lowest price possible. Duval Guillaume answered our brief with an extra-ordinary brand momentum idea."

Geoffrey Hantson : "Price-communication for a car-brand. Not really your most exciting creative brief. Not to mention the fact that consumers get slapped with price offers endlesly. We knew we had to break through the masses and juice the orange and use creative leverage to get the message across. So, we focussed on 'the lowest' and started thinking from that point. We partnered with mediacompany ClearChannel and figured it would be possible to lower a 2m" billboard to the bottom of the ocean. To the lowest point on earth. Almost 11 kilometers below sea level!" — it worked.

If you, dear reader, noticed that a man said "the billboard will be crushed before it reaches the bottom", and then notice how the poster isn't when it reaches the bottom, you might be too clever to be a punter. You must work in advertising.

Client: Alfa Romeo Belgium Contacts: Alexandre De Preter, Cedric Donck Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp Account team: Matthieu De Winter, Dimitri Mundorff, Eveline Vyncke CreativeDirector: Geoffrey Hantson Copy/ArtDirector: Stefan Leenderste, Carsten Van Berkel Production Company: Caviar Content Director: Kurt De Leijer Producers: Toon Opdenacker, Dieter Lebbe Editor: Koen Timmerman Website: Lansen Walraet, Michael de Boevé

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