Ballerina Kladdkaka - Spectamiracular Cookie Dip - (2010) :40


Ballerina Kladdkaka - Spectamiracular Cookie Dip - (2010) :40

Someone just sent us this email with no credits whatsoever (seriously, quit that), and states;

We dunked a Ballerina Kladdkaka from 15 000 feet into a pool of milk. How do you dunk?

...So it looks like the usually sleepy brand of Ballerina tea time cookies are now entering Red Bull stunt area of advertising, with the simple question of how we dunk our cookies. I dunk mine in hot black coffee holding my pinkie up just so, which isn't nearly as exiting. It gets really messy at the end there, but then again "kladdkaka" literally means messy cookie, so I guess that works.

Ad agency: Volontaire


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