A Band Called Quinn - Forget About It - (2014)


A Band Called Quinn - Forget About It - (2014)

A Band called Quinn put up a performance called Biding Time (remix) on Dissection Hall at Summerhall this August, and this weirdness-filled video teases the show. Forget about it, Quinn sings, as she's backed by bunny-dancers & hypnotising the green man. Mr Big shakes his/her stuff in a suit and the rabbit runs around. This makes complete sense if you just shake you hips and groove along.

Missed the show? Buy the album.

Diane Torr - Mr Big
Martin McCormick - Green Man/ Gatekeeper/ Bozcek/ Rabbit
Suzy Enoch and Danuta Ramos - Bunny Ballerinas
Louise Quinn - Singer/ The Balancer

Directed and edited by Uisdean Murray
DOP - Ray Tallan
Hair and Makeup - Emma Cunningham
Costume - Alice Wilson/ Stella Cadzow

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