First off, apologies to Drap Zagreb for not having your country in our drop down list, but I believe you may be our first submission from Croatia! And what a fun one, too. This stunt tests guys' patience for beer. You see them walk into a clothing store with their wives or girlfriends who want to do a little shopping. They guys are then handed an iPad with instructions written on it: keep the ladies in the store for an hour and you'll get beer. It's quite funny to see the lengths they'll go try and achieve this. There's also a smart insight to this silliness. Compromise on everything, but not your beer. It's a pretty clever take on the whole "guys hate shopping," riff. I hope the ladies got some clothes out of it, though, or at least some of the beer.

Client: Beck's Croatia Advertising agency: Drap Zagreb Creative director: Davor Runje Creative lead - Ivan Šarić Art director: Ana Petak Account director: Vladimir Karmelić Account assistant: Stipe Bačić Copywriter: Aleksa Tatalović Community manager: Katarina Exle Production: RED STUDIO