Brut - Late / The Essence of man - (2012) :30 (USA)

Man of the house is getting ready when woman of the house scolds him for tardiness, lest they be late. A *slap-slap* later it all changes. The line "What the heck did you just do?" is nothing like the Kelly Lebrock breathless "come on put it on" command back in the 90s, but I suppose the point stays the same. Manly man. He'll knock you up.... Wait, what? Oh my god he even got that poor dog pregnant. Potent stuff this Brut. I wonder if "Puppies" are listed as side-effects on the bottle.

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Advertising Agency: Sigma Group, USA President: Shannon Morris Creative Directors: Tim Stapleton, Nik Nikolov Copywriter: Tim Stapleton Art Director: Sabrina De Simone Sr. Account Supervisor: Meghan Howell Producer: Genevieve Gigi Production Company: Directorz Executive Producer: John Gilliland Director: David Wild DP: Joe Zizzo Editorial / VFX Production: IceVFX EP: Benoit Drouin Editor: Yvann Thibodeau
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I wonder if the casting ad read: Seeking man with nimble eyebrow and ability to raise it to cartoon character heights.

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This feels like spec work.