Canucks are nuts, in the good way. They've imported the annual Gloucestershire 'Cheese Rolling' festival idea and do it wearing helmets. (People get hurt chasing cheese downhill youknow, just ask the three taken to hospital in 2005.

CLIENT: Dairy Farmers of Canada, Solange Heiss, Assistant director, Marketing and Nutrition Communications PRODUCT OR SERVICE: Canadian Cheese CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Michael Mayes WRITER: Nikki Jobson ART DIRECTOR: Chris Zawada PHOTOGRAPHER: Patrick Norman Photography DIGITAL IMAGING: Chris Zawada, Jan Day PRINTER: Epic Imaging OUTDOOR COMPANY: Lamar Transit Advertising MEDIA AGENCY: M2 PRODUCTION COMPANY: TAXI Toronto PRODUCTION HOUSE PRODUCER: Kevin Saffer FREELANCE PRODUCER: Shelley Stevens DIRECTOR: Rob Scarborough CINEMATOGRAPHER: Rob Scarborough POST-PRODUCTION: JMB Post EDITOR/COMPOSITOR/ONLINE: N/A COLOURIST: N/A SOUND HOUSE: Kozak SOUND DESIGN: Kozak TYPOGRAPHER/MAC ARTIST: Jan Day AGENCY BROADCAST PRODUCER: Kevin Saffer AGENCY PRINT PRODUCER: Zorina Baksh ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Ben Tarr ACCOUNT MANAGER: Steve Howard CASTING: Patrick Norman

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