Possibly my favorite Carlsberg ad ever. And I'm Swedish.

Scandinavians love to tease each other. The Swede, with the mullet-hairstyle that Danes insist every single Swedish man has - in fact it's called "the Swedish hairstyle" in Danish -
has to give an oath before the bartender gives him the beer. He has to repeat after the bartender this oath:

"I will not catcall after your girls.
I will not fall asleep on Strøget.
I will not pee in your parks.
I will not throw up in Tivoli.
.....And I promise I will take the last boat home."

Only then is he allowed to have "Our Beer".

Words used that are not Swedish "bræke" in Swedish is "kräkas", "rope" in context of (cat) calling after women is "hojta" or "stöta på", and "pisse" is "kissa" or "pissa". We're so similar yet different enough for it to get weird.

Client: Carlsberg Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen

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