Kidsleepy: Hey yo, s'up?

Dabitch: Hey shawty, I got somthin' for you.

Kidsleepy: Aight.

Dabitch: Check the inbox. We got a fresh track by dis ad dude, called Brutha Ray, yo.

Kidsleepy: For real?

Dabitch: Not only that, word on the LA Express is that Brutha Ray, he some whack ass CD named Raymond Hwang. My sources tell me he worked on that Corolla spot.

Kidsleepy: With the people dancin' and shit? No shit.

Dabitch: Shit's right. Now dudes' rappin' about fat guys to his video.

Kidsleepy: The Fat Boys? Why he rappin' about The Fat Boys.

Dabitch: Not The Fat Boys. Fat Guys. Like, Jonah Hill. Guy Fieri. And a whole buncha celebs he names at the end of the video.

Kidsleepy: Pfft. Kidsleepy knew another Creative Director who pulled that same shit, back in '92. Dude's name was Kid Solo. Dude was straight up C+C Music Factory.

Dabitch: I was there, I know.

Kidsleepy: We didn't call 'em bitches then. They were Fly Girls. And they wore knee pads when they danced...

Dabitch: Anyway What was Kid Solo's real name?

Kidsleepy: Ain't tellin'. But he legit. Even got his own mention on Allmusic. Get In To My Groove. The point is, CD's being MC's is played out.

Dabitch: You don't even know. It's like they all out of work or something.

Kidsleepy: : Workin' on quote passion projects quote.

Dabitch: I sent you the track. You watchin' it? Hey boo? You watching it?

Kidsleepy: ...uh...yeah.. I uh...I'm watchin'...

Dabitch: Right?

Kidsleepy: Right....

VIDEO Directed by Saxon Moen Produced by Saxon Moen, Brutha Ray Cinematography, edit, color, motion graphics by Saxon Moen MUSIC Written by Brutha Ray Produced by Brutha Ray Featuring Imari Williams and Chase Diamond Mix/Additional Recording by Josiah Mazzaschi at Cave Studios, Los Angeles CAST Brutha Ray Brett Prentice Chase Diamond Joaquin Davis

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kidsleepy 17 year copywriter, now CD, who has worked in many cities including Pittsburgh, New York, Atlanta, Montreal and currently Los Angeles. I snark because I care. I ain't complainin' I'm just tellin' it like it is.

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