Announcing the new citizenM Hotel in Times Square, New York City, stop motion artist PES animates swan towels into a love story... Or sort of a love story. It shows ye old hotel, ye tacky hotel art, and ye hotel bed shark, ...wait...what ?

Kesselskramer had something to do with it too, and while they may have launched an agency and quite possibly Amsterdam's creative revolution with their Hans Brinkert hostel ad campaigns, this idea feels as passé as the clichés it's making fun of.

Agency: KesselsKramer Amsterdam Production : PES Director : PES Creative : PES Creative : Frank Anselmo Producer : Scott Pourroy Producer : Ethan Marek Producer : Amy Jadine van der Veer DoP : Helder K. Sun Animation Animator: Dillon Markey Sound Design: PES Production Designer: Almitra X

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