First of all, you've gotta stop the choddy, especially bad choddy like this example. A bunch of Americans talk about 4th of July, and what they thought it was when they were kids. "we're better than the British?" and "neighbors coming out of their houses" are examples mentioned, before the interviewed people get serious and talk about dependency on oil. If I don't find these people sympathetic before they get serious, why should I listen to them when they are? Then there's the 'End Dependence Day' pun, dearie me that's not a good one, and as much as I love puns they have no business in serious ads. "Make the change. End dependence." While I agree with that, and have my eyes on a hot electric car for when I get rich, this ad seems a wasted effort. IMHO of course, YMMV.

(also, the teen girl saying "do it for us" - admit it, you we're checking off a list of choddy before editing this together....)

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    I watched the whole thing. All 3 min 37 sec and 10 frames by administering a powerful pharmaceutical. Wait! Those disingenuous talking heads forgot to slam the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry; a hydrocarbon (petrochemical) or in lay terms, oil based, industry.

    I care about the planet I rent space on. If for no other reason than Mother Nature allows me to exist at her will. Now don't get all 'WTF*k' on me about that because greater than 90% of all life that rented space here to breathe is extinct and don't get me started on the global warming flimflam game the politicians are playing.

    The big question here is why does the environmental fringe make stupid ads? This stuff hurts my brain to the point of .. well .. exploding; not literally of course. The ads as a type attack cars, oil industry, home construction industry and the alternatives offered are either unusable by the general public or are possible if your rich auntie buys it for you (at last for me anyway). Yes, autos are part of the problem and that is changing as fast as the market allows. The real problem is the electric power plants and the growing dependance on electricity to solve other problems.

    I am taking a moment here to offer a choice. 1. Believe this commercial and be done. 2. Take one hour time out and listen to a scientist explain the big problem -- energy (electricity) production and consumption. Time is up put your pencil down.

    If you answered number two (2) and don't mind using RealPlayer see Lewis Research Group, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - Caltech If you want to read versus watch there are PDF sources.

    If you answered number one (1) I would like to know why. Here is a list of talking points by time (min sec frame) & person (gender & clothing color) to help out. Keep in mind - dependance:

    00 min 58 sec 03 frm - "Gas & oil to power my car." By female in brown.
    01 min 01 sec 02 frm - "TV, power, energy, my car." By male in lavender.
    01 min 04 sec 03 frm - "Prepackaged foods, manufactured foods, fast food." By male in gray.
    01 min 07 sec 13 frm - "Hadn't thought of that". By female in purple/black.
    01 min 10 sec 03 frm - "And even money. Straight up money." By male in red.
    01 min 12 sec 06 frm - "I mean I need all if it, you know." By 01:01,02 again
    01 min 15 sec 01 frm - "By our consumerism. And just our need to want so much." By female in yellow.
    01 min 19 sec 04 frm - "Throwaway lifestyle." By female in PANTONE® 19-0405 TCX (?)
    01 min 20 sec 14 frm - "That is not very independent." By male in blue.
    01 min 23 sec 13 frm - "Why are we in this situation ..." By 01:19,04 again
    01 min 28 sec 07 frm - "I think our dependencies are self imposed." By 01:15,01 again

    Damit I can't take it any more. If you cannot see the BS in seconds of meaningless dialogue then I am sorry. And sorry to put intelligent folks at risk of an aneurysm.

    Stopping before I get dragged into the Headmistress's Office for ranting forever in her comments.

    Jul 05, 2011

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