Condom08 - QR code condoms + app promote safe sex (2011) case study, Sweden

There's a lot of ways to remind young people to wear a condom during sex... But has a QR code ever been considered before? Actually the QR code itself is just a shortcut to the real meat (pardon me) of this campaign, the app. The smartphone app that measures the length, noise and rythm of your sexual encounter as well as the location it is in and uploads the results to a website. Fun statistics can now be had from these results, such as "dog lovers are louder than cat lovers" and "musicians last for 3 minutes".

Ad Agency: Esther, Stockholm Client: Stockholm County Aids Prevention Program
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this is brilliant!
I'm going to download that app :)
(btw, you could have post the link to their website in the text)
pete from condom sizes

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That is an awesome app! Would also like to know what the website is.

Don't forget the Condoms - always practice safe sex!