Dagens Industri - The Case Study of the Zoo


Dagens Industri - The Case Study of the Zoo

If you are getting sick of the case studie clips that are blasting all sorts of social media logotypes over countless screenshots of whatever crazy idea is being presented... Watch this one, you'll like this one.

Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm
Art Directors: Henric Almquist, Patrik Reuterskiöld, Max Hansson
Copywriter: Martin Johansen

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For once, I find the advertising injoke totally appropriate - because they are after all talking to advertising people, so why not have fun with the endless case studies we're bound to see reels and reels of in Cannes. Very very funny.

Bravo! Nice lesson on slippery slope of social services. The progression was flawless - the services just piled on in a realistic timeline and expense (all the magic has a price). Well done on the wake up and putting the brakes on. What was lost while this social runaway train speeded towards a cliff? The Car.

Surveys: This Ad would be the first one that I could honestly mark the box, "yes, I did see ad & would test drive the car.", however, there one problem with this Survey - it never existed. And the Ad is not an Ad. Funny how things work.

Yes, the perfect in-side-joke. The newsprint sealed it.

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