The spot features vignettes of ordinary people "frozen" in their everyday routines, not knowing what to do when faced with the threat of losing their homes. A woman stands on her lawn oblivious to the sprinkler soaking her bathrobe; a factory worker stares into space. In the final vignette, a couple stares inertly at their bills until their child appears. Suddenly, his mother is able to take action. She picks up the phone to call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's "Making Homes Affordable" toll-free number.

Client: The Advertising Council (for the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)(HUD) Campaign Director (Ad Council): Rowena Tsa Ass't Campaign Director (Ad Council): Nicholas Mazzucco Director of Marketing (Dept of Treasury): Alvina McHale Marking and Outreach Specialist (Treasury): Chris Dove Director of MHA Marketing Services (Fannie Mae): Mary Ann Klimas Senior Marketing Manager (Fannie Mae): Sara Kenney Agency: Schafer Condon Carter Creative Director/Copywriter: Denny Hebson Art Director: Cristen Young VP/Account Director: Brian Matakis Exec Broadcast Producer: Leroy Koetz Music: Sonixphere Production: Elastic, Santa Monica, CA Director: Patrick Murphy Exec Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall Producer: Ron Cosentino DP: Ottar Gudnason Editing: Rock Paper Scissors Editor: Grant Surmi Exec Producer: Linda Carlson Exec Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver Producer: Esther Gonzalez VFX: A52 Exec Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall VFX Producer: Meredith Tomasulo

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