Bad enough we have rappin' suburbanites for Toyota's sequel, now we have NFL athletes rapping again. For this is Fantasy Football Fantasy. There's some disturbing stuff in it, and it's not just the auto tune on Eli Manning, either. Joe Namath gettin' all sexy time, dancing girls and sorry...did I wake up transported back to the 90's when this concept was new? At least this one didn't try too hard to earn uh..street cred by featuring a rapper who started in the 90's. Oh yeah I did. Swag, that Toyota.

Advertiser: DIRECTV Agency: Grey NY President, Chief Creative Director: Tor Myhren Executive Creative Director: Dan Kelleher Group Creative Director: Doug Fallon Group Creative Director: Steven Fogel Creatives: Kim Nguyen & Marques Gartrell Agency Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich Agency Producer: Lindsay Myers Agency Music Producer: Zachary Pollakoff Account: Chris Ross, Beth Culley, Anna Pogosova, Meredith Savatsky, Eddie Mele Production Company: DNA, Inc., Hollywood, CA Director: Director X Executive Producer: Missy Galanida Executive Producer: Patricia Judice Producer: Justin Diener Production Supervisor: Tara Martin Director of Photography: Omer Ganai Editorial Executive Producer (person & company): Maura Woodward, Cosmo Street Editorial Producer (person & company): Heather Richardson, Cosmo Street Editor (person & company): Tom Scherma, Cosmo Street Assistant Editor: Dave Otte, Cosmo Street Mixer + Sound Designer: David Wolfe for Mister Bronx Audio Music: Butter Music & Sound Creative Director : Andrew Sherman Executive Producer: Ian Jeffreys Produced and mixed by Glen Cavanaugh Additional vocal mixing by Richard Furch at mixHaus studios On-set recording services by Studio 101 NOLA Post VFX (company): Method Studios NY VFX Supervisors: Jay Hawkins & Doug Luka Producer: Carlos Herrera Casting: Caballero Casting & Avenue 3 Casting

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